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I just wanted to sleep last night, suddenly a friend from my friend asked me to go hunting. What? It’s 11 pm ! What kind of child do you want to take pictures of? But that thought soon disappeared because it was the month of fasting. 😀

After talking for a while, I finally found out that my friends from FN Bandung, or what we call the Bandung photo hobby, will be holding a night street hunting which is located at the Ciroyom market (where is that? I don’t know).

Now, because we are “slang” ehmm “g4uLzz”, then we plan to gather in front of Dago Plaza. Well, because it’s a weekend night and the city is called Bandung, you can already imagine what the situation is like. It’s like a night market. Many young people who claim to be “slang” waste their time at this time.

I also invited sendy, a friend from photoST to come along.

Finally, we darted from Dayeuhkolot to Dago which was only 20 minutes away (if you take an angkot in the afternoon, you can take 2 hours).

Well after waiting for some other friends. Finally we went to the market together by motorbike. Arriving at the market, start the street hunting session selfies 😀

Well, after being satisfied with the photos, I went back to dayeuhkolot and had sahur at the Nasi Padang stall which made my stomach churning all day…. 🙁

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