Nintendo Announces Mario Kart Tour, Mission To Expand Wings?

For those of you who like and follow the long history of the Legendary Plumber, Mario Brothers, then this news might arouse your curiosity. Because the duet of professional plumbers will not only enter heavyweight consoles such as the Playstation, Xbox Series and PC in their newest game candidate, namely Mario Kart Tour.

Mario Cart Tour Mobile Version from Nintendo

If you are more familiar with the Mario Kart game, which is currently in series 8, and play it on consoles such as the Playstation and Xbox Series, it will be refreshing news because the Nintendo of America Twitter account officially released a tweet on February 1, 2018 containing the new platform from Mario Kart: Mobile!

Mario Kart Tour
Pic Mario Kart Tour by: Twitter Nintendo of America

Yep, Friend Jagoan Hosting didn’t read it wrong. Mario Kart, which is reportedly going to expand its DNA, is starting to hit even more niche markets. It’s just that, unfortunately, it is not quite clear whether mobile is defined here as mobile in the form of Android and Apple games. Or other formats such as on the Nintendo console itself, which is on the rise, namely the Switch. Whether it’s because of the mobile reputation that is on the rise due to the existence of MOBA games like Mobile Legend and AOV. Or indeed Nintendo has just realized that the mobile platform is now like a young mango: It’s tempting and has sweet potential in the future, but it could end up sour.

Mario Kart Tour Mobile Version Scheduled to Release March 2019

According to the tweet from Nintendo of America, it was stated that the latest Mario Kart game, named ‘Mario Kart Tour’, has received a green flag. Unfortunately Tech Radar’s review has not provided details to what extent, it’s still not too clear, it’s just that this game is predicted to be able to see its appearance in the 2019 fiscal year to be exact in March. It’s still far away, mate? But it will all be worth-to-wait. Considering that all this time, if you pay attention, Nintendo has never disappointed its consumers through Mario Kart. So it’s only natural that Mario Kart itself has arrived at the 8th edition in 2017, as long as the season for a soap opera.

So, what can be promised by Mario Kart Tour, which reportedly hit the mobile platform? At least by Techradar, it has a crisper character design. Yes, but that’s it, there are a number of minus points from this prospective new Mario game. Because using a mobile platform, there will be a number of D-Pad consoles that feel awkward because they have to be forced to exist on a mobile format. Do you want to wait?

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