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After more than 2000 kilometers of road from Palangkaraya, we finally arrived at our final destination: the Derawan Islands!

Like Raja Ampat, the Derawan Islands also have four main island groups that make up it. They are Derawan, Sangalaki, Kakaban, and Maratua.

What did the Terios 7 Wonders team do there? Let’s see below, who knows it could be your reason to visit Derawan as soon as possible!

1. Play with stingless jellyfish on Kakaban Island

Play with jellyfish

The evolution of thousands of years without predators means this jellyfish doesn’t need to use its stinger. On this bowl-like island, the prehistoric lake kakaban is located. This five square kilometer lake with a depth of about 50 meters has lots of jellyfish that don’t sting.

Reportedly there are only about three lakes like this in the world. In Kakaban, Misool, Raja Ampat, and in Palau (Micronesian Islands).

Oh yeah, even though it doesn’t sting, if you can, don’t touch it because it can irritate the jellyfish. What’s more, if you lift him up into the water, you can immediately hit the jellyfish. See you can, hold it don’t.

Sighting of jellyfish in water
Stirring at Kakaban lake
Kakaban lake

2. Chat with turtles in Sangalaki

Hatchlings, baby turtles ready to be released

Turtles may be confused as to why Toyib didn’t come home. Because turtles always remember home. He will always come home when he will lay eggs. It will return to where it first hatched. Even though he has explored dozens of oceans, he will still return, no matter what happens.

In Derawan, their home is Sangalaki. On this small island with white sand as fine as flour, there is a hatchling hatchery guarded by the East Kalimantan BKSDA (Natural Resources Conservation Agency).

“Of the 1000 eggs that hatch, only one may become an adult,” said Pak Ketut, one of the BKSDA officers I met. It’s sad, but that’s how nature is. In addition to their natural predators such as eagles and sharks that can prey on newly hatched hatchlings, there are predators that are the most vicious and threaten the turtle population. Man.

That said, turtle eggs are efficacious to increase ‘manliness’ and the price is very expensive when sold. That’s why there are many naughty people who are always being chased by Mr. Ketut and his friends.

In Sangalaki, the Terios 7 Wonders team also helped through Daihatsu’s CSR program to improve several facilities at the Sangalaki turtle hatchery. Some of them are making turtle life education boards for visitors, adding tubs to accommodate the cute hatchlings, and repairing damaged fences.

Sangalaki Island
Educational board
Learn about turtles
Turtle! This green turtle used to play in Derawan because there were so many of them. But now maybe only 2-3 turtles visit here. The innkeeper said neighboring ships often pick up turtles in the dervish area.

3. Beaches that are not inferior to the Maldives

Sangalaki Island. Unfortunately, when the Terios team got there, Derawan was also hit by smog so the sky couldn’t be blue like this. This is a photo of my trip to Derawan in 2014

Praise the Maldives as high as the sky. We have Derawan who is no less beautiful. A tropical paradise that you don’t need to hesitate anymore to visit. At least, I have proved it myself.

Don’t forget we also went to Sangalaki Island. There are lots of mantas here, and the beaches are nice too.

4. Stay at an Overwater Hotel

Maratua Paradise Resort

On the enchanting beaches above, most of the inns in Derawan stand directly on the water. And they have bright colors!

While there, the Terios 7 Wonders team stayed at one of the resorts that also has villas on the water: Maratua Paradise Resort. From the top of the resort pier, we can see turtles roaming around looking for food!

If you’re in Maratua, at least try one night here.

Maratua Paradise seen from the beach
Villa over the water
It’s clear.
Relax on top of the villa.
It’s a similar villa in Derawan which is much cheaper

5. Beautiful coral reefs

You don’t even need to dive to see their colors

The best places to dive in Indonesia in my opinion are: Raja Ampat, Alor, Komodo, Bali and Derawan!

Yes, if you have a hobby of diving into this gem-like Indonesian ocean, you must be familiar with Derawan.

Even when the water was low, I could see the colors of the hard coral that looked like candy under the sea!

If you only see one or two turtles from the top of the pier, if you dive you will find dozens of turtles having social gathering among the corals! Whoa!

6. Unique places like Haji Mangku Cave

This cave water is clear and fresh!

In addition to the beach, underwater, and cool inns, Derawan still has many pearls waiting for us to visit it. Like the caves filled with water on the island of Maratua.

According to one of the resort officers, there are dozens of caves like this in Maratua. One of the caves we visited was Haji Mangku Cave, about 15 minutes away by speedboat.

When the sun’s rays managed to penetrate the trees and illuminate the water in Goa, a sparkling transparent blue suddenly appeared. However, when swimming and looking down like a narrow space it forms a chasm in the middle, with an invisible bottom. Dark and cold. Only visible sunlight which gives illusions of another world.

From above
Cave entrance
My Hajj Cave

7. Playing with children in Maratua

CSR at SD Maratua

There are two elementary schools in Maratua. However, both of them do not have books that can help them to learn to imagine, especially for 1st graders. Therefore, Daihatsu CSR team and Terios 7 Wonders helped fill their library. Apart from textbooks and light reading books, there are also drawing books.

“Photos, photos, more photos, uncle!” they said when I took out the camera.

Amel’s mother from Daihatsu is distributing books to children.
See you again!
Btw, this is how to bring Terios from Berau to Derawan. Tossed about in rivers and seas. Just pull it!

Thank You!

This Terios 7 Wonders Expedition is a media journey with Daihatsu. All opinions are personal property. See other posts below.

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