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If you travel a lot, choosing and ordering airline tickets and hotels has definitely become a ritual. The ritual is quite inconvenient and time consuming.

Nowadays, booking hotels online has become commonplace. Practical is the main reason travelers choose this method. I myself almost never call or come directly to the hotel if I’m not in a hurry.

So, what are the advantages of booking a hotel online? Let’s see below!

1. Can book anywhere and anytime

One of the hotels in Sanur, unfortunately the stay is not with the wife, even the same mz mz 🙁

At that time, I happened to be traveling to Singapore high season. Than go show I went straight to the hotels and the room risk was full, I went straight to the online travel agent website and immediately looked for a hotel.

Less than 5 minutes, I’ve got a hotel room that fits my budget.

Oops, I mean hostels, because at that time there were not enough funds to book hotels, hehe.

2. Can see reviews of people who have stayed before at the hotel

Do you trust the review above, what is the hotel brochure?

As a netizen who wants to use the internet for good things, I always share reviews about the goods or services that I use. Can be on this personal blog or other sites.

Well, by booking hotels online, we can read reviews of people who have tried the hotel. I trust these reviews more than the description on the hotel website itself, hehe.

If most of the reviews are lacking, it’s better if we look for another hotel.

3. Get a transparent price, according to the budget, and of course the cheapest

When we choose a hotel and enter the check-in date, the price will immediately come out. For example, if you book on Traveloka, the price that comes out is all-in including taxes and others. So we can find the most suitable hotel budget.

If you order directly to the hotel by phone or directly, we don’t know whether the price given by the hotel staff is what it should be, right?

Booking hotels online guarantees us a transparent price. Usually there are also interesting promos from these online travel agents, especially if there are certain celebrations such as the new year for example. So don’t forget to follow their social media so you can immediately get promo info.

4. Simplify the process of choosing a room

One of my preferred hotels in Bangkok, just the bathroom 🙂

By booking a hotel online, we will have information on the availability of rooms on certain dates directly. No need to call, let alone come straight to the hotel and suddenly the room is full.

Online travel agents allow us to choose any hotel room and at any price.

5. Easy and fast payment process

I got this voucher in just 5 minutes, no need to print it, just show it with a smartphone. There’s even a special app for it.

Payment for hotel bookings online is very easy. Almost all electronic payment methods can be done. Starting from bank transfers, ATMs, credit cards, or special online payment methods such as BCA Clickpay or Mandiri Clickpay.

Easy, fun, and of course saves time.

6. Online customer service on standby

The name is an online travel agent, surely all the staff are online, including customer service. I have experienced an incident where the hotel did not accept the booking from the online travel agent that I ordered. Even the hotel said the room was full! Even though it was 7 o’clock on a Saturday night. I immediately emailed customer service (because I’m abroad, so if the phone calls later it’s roaming, it’s expensive).

About 10 minutes later my email was replied and said that they would contact the hotel directly. Not long after, the hotel called me and apologized because there was a slight error in their system that had not been updated. Good job!

So, when is your next vacation? Don’t forget to book the hotel online, okay?

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