No need to worry mom, it turns out that there are many advantages to getting pregnant over the age of 30

Jakarta – Mother, a woman’s body is indeed given by God to have the ability to reproduce, aka pregnant. However, technically, our bodies also have limitations with their reproductive period.

To quote Healthline, A woman is actually born with about 2 million eggs, Mother. However, that number gradually decreases with age. By the time you are 37, you will have about 25,000 eggs left. At 51, you will only have 1,000 eggs left.

Indeed, unlike your 20s, deciding to get pregnant at a more mature age has its own risks, Mother. Above 30s You develop conditions that can negatively impact fertility, such as endometriosis and tubal disease.

Your fertility begins to decline gradually around the age of 32. Starting between 35 and 37, fertility begins to fall more rapidly. Your chances of getting pregnant decrease with age.

“We found pregnant women aged 35 years and over faced a higher risk of pregnancy, including chromosomal abnormalities, miscarriage, and premature birth, when compared to pregnant women aged 20 to 34 years,” lead researcher, Line Elmerdahl Frederiksen.

Even so, the mother of the second line warrior does not need to be discouraged if you want to get pregnant over the age of 30. Because it turns out that there are many advantages.

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The positive impact of pregnancy at maturity

Still launching from HealthlineSome of the positive impacts of pregnancy over the age of 30 include:

  1. Mother’s age is only one factor that must be considered by the mother to get pregnant.
  2. You have more time to consider emotional readiness.
  3. It is also more flexible to prepare Mother’s financial needs to start a family.
  4. Age can also bring wisdom and patience. And there is some evidence that children born to older parents achieve higher levels of education.
  5. A 2012 study suggested that women who gave birth to their last or only child at age 40 or older had a lower risk for uterine cancer.

Then how to live a healthy pregnancy over the age of 30 years? See on the next page, Mother.

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