Not a Random TikTok Creator, Vina Muliana Wins The Abang None Jakarta Contest – Student Zone – Hello Zone Friends. Who here knows Vina Muliana, a TikTok creator whose content is very educational and inspires many people? Vina is known as a creator who creates useful content, especially for people who want to enter the workforce.

Through all the content that always gets views more than one million views, he likes to share various interview tips and how to make the right CV so that he can pass to the next stage. Not only sharing tips for national companies, Vina also often shares interview tips for international companies.

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Become a Winner of TikTok Awards 2022

(Source: Tiktok/Vmuliana)

Friday (25/2/2022) Vina was awarded as Best Learning of Education at the RCTI TikTok Awards. It’s no wonder that Vina is the best content creator in the field of education because the content she creates is also often included FYP (For Your Page) TikTok.

In his Instagram upload @vinamuliana, he shared a story about his journey while evoking TikTok content which has been around for a year. He also said that this award could serve as a reminder to always be able to create useful content.

Won Abang None Jakarta 2014

(Photo: Instagram/vinamuliana)

Vina Andhiani Muliana or @vmuliana (tiktok usernames) was the winner of the Abang None Jakarta contest in August 2014. He became None representing the South Jakarta area.

Vina became one of the Abang None Jakarta participants who made history because she was the first None to wear a hijab. During the search for the DKI Jakarta Tourism Ambassador, which began in 1968, Vina was the first person to wear a hijab as a wardrobehis.

In this contest, Vina was unsure of her victory because None had worn a hijab before. He could not believe that the jury actually considered Vina as None Jakarta in 2014.

“That’s right beauty pageantif beauty pageant seen from beauty-his. What is the name of female beauty depicted from? Healthy skin, slim body, long legs and so on. Now, if you wear the hijab, you can’t see it. Closed hair, long sleeves. How do you look beautiful?,” explained Vina to Kumparan (03/06/2022).

Vina had become a journalist

(Photo: Instagram/vinamuliana)

Prior to working at the Ministry of State-Owned Enterprises (BUMN) as a Communicatian Specialist, Vina worked as a journalist and part-time as a model. He received an offer from his former editor at Liputan6 as a Special Staff Minister.

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He felt that he was discovering a new world as long as he lived. This is because he is someone who works in the media sector (back), then he is entrusted with managing the media in the corporate sector.

In fact, Vina felt that she still liked herself as a journalist. However, because he believes that being a communication staff is a job close to journalists, he will be very happy to do it.

Not a Random TikTok Creator, Vina Muliana Has Won The Abang None Jakarta Contest

That’s a review of Vina Muliana, the creator of TikTok, who often shares useful tips, especially about work issues. Hopefully this review provides benefits and new views for Zone Friends, yes.

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