Not only ‘Hot’, these 5 female gamers are also super rich!

If you guys use an internet connection to be used as a game play facility, then you will all face the fact that it turns out that millions of gamers around the world are dominated by men. So it is very difficult to find female gamers who can be seen in online games like CS: GO, or maybe the one that is currently popular, Mobile Legend.

But not a few, you know, it turns out that female gamers exist and last for years. Not only playing and existing, they can also get a super big income from their work playing games. Now, through Sportskeeda, you can see which female gamers are not only rich, but can also show their sexiness through playing games!

Katherine Gunn

Coming from a 30 year old woman from the United States, Katherine Gunn is a gamer whose name rose due to the existence of Dead Or Alive 4. But not only that, Katherine Gunn has also been caught wearing Na’vi clothes, a DOTA 2 team found in cyberspace. At least Katherine Gunn earns up to US $ 160 thousand, or if converted into Rp 2 billion!

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Rumay Wang

Rumay Wang is one of the female gamers who have Asian blood, but have an American nationality. The game he often plays to participate in competitions is World of Warcraft. Where in just a few competitions, Rumay can get prizes of up to US $ 14,000 or around almost Rp. 200 million!

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Sexy Girl Gamers
Julia Kiran

Coming from Sweden, Julia who is not yet 25 years old is able to make her opponents feel weak when she has to deal with Julia in Counter Strike: Global Offensive. Julia, who is recognized by many gamers as one of the most beautiful, even in 2012 at a very young age was even able to win a competition prize of US $ 75,000 or almost Rp 1 billion!

Sexy Girl Gamers
id="caption-attachment-46264" class="wp-caption-text">Vanessa Arteaga

Even among female gamers, Vanessa has been categorized as a superstar. Not only because of her ability to play games, but her beautiful face and body will bring other male gamers to their knees. Almost the same as Katherine Gunn, Vanessa also plays Dead Or Alive. Where through this competition, Vanessa had won a game prize of up to US $ 12,000 or around 180 million if converted into rupiah.

Sexy Girl Gamers
Zainab Turkie

With the ID name zAAz, Zainab entered the Counter Strike: Global Offensive competition with TEAM SECRET, where later Zainab also spearheaded the DOTA 2 team when it was just released. In addition, Zainab is also a member of Fnatic Ladies. At least until 2017, Zainab had collected competition prizes of up to US$ 90,000 or more than 1.2 billion in rupiah! for those of you who want to live stream, here’s how to set OBS for livestream.


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