Note! 4 Technical Errors in Writing Thesis – Student Zone – Hello, Friend Zona. In working on a thesis, usually students will receive many revisions from the lecturer. These revisions lead to more technical errors in thesis writing.

Even though it’s trivial and many students don’t pay attention to it, a small mistake in writing a thesis will affect the lecturer’s assessment. Therefore, as a final semester student, you must know what technical errors are often made.

Maybe it could be an error in cover thesis to the table of contents. To minimize this, Friend Zone must pay attention to four technical errors in writing a thesis. Here’s the full review.

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Thesis Writing Technical Error

Illustration of thesis writing error (Photo: Suara)

1. Thesis Cover

The first error lies in cover the script is the use font which has to be right. Before starting to write a thesis, be sure to read the thesis guidelines from each faculty so that you don’t make a mistake when choosing the type and size of the letters.

Besides fontthe size of the campus logo located on cover script is also a concern. Usually, there are still many students who just put the logo but don’t pay attention to the size that has been determined by the university.

2. Table of Contents

Let’s admit it, who still likes difficulties when making a table of contents for a thesis? Well, it turns out that there are still many students who use the manual method when making a table of contents. If you use the manual method, I’m afraid that it won’t match the page number.

For example, page 20 should be a theoretical study as a background. That’s what’s scary about creating a table of contents manually. Therefore, you must know how to automatically create a table of contents to match the page numbering.

3. Abstract

After creating the table of contents, next is the abstract page. Well, on this page usually students will summarize the important points in the thesis. In writing, there are two types of abstracts, namely in Indonesian and English.

It should be underlined, if the abstract writing in English must be written in italics. This is because it contains foreign words which are written in italics. Likewise, if you use a foreign language in the thesis you are working on, you must also use italics. As a reminder, regional languages ​​such as Javanese and Sundanese must also be written in italics.

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4. Preface

In this introductory page, usually students will write a thank-you note according to their contribution in writing the thesis. Well, the student’s mistake is that they often write down certain people as thanks without paying attention to the correct order.

The correct order in writing a thank you note can be started from the supervisor. Remembering, the supervisor has a very large contribution in assisting you when working on your thesis until you complete the final project. Only after that, you can write the name of the examiner who continues with your parents.

Note! 4 Technical Errors in Writing Thesis

That’s Mimin’s review of some technical errors in thesis writing that final students must know.

Hopefully this review is useful for Friend Zone. Don’t forget to keep abreast of news about students and the world of lectures, and always turn on notifications. See you later.

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