Note Bun, 21 Diseases Not Covered By BPJS Health


As you know, BPJS Health is a form of government service to the community in the health sector. BPJS Health is the same as other health insurance, which has rules regarding filing claims.

If you are a participant, you need to understand what the rules for submitting an insurance claim are like. ipadguides has discussed insurance before, that according to the Chairman of the Indonesian Insurance Council Commission Azuarini Diah, it is important to recognize insurance products.

“Know the product and adapt it to our needs. It means ask as much as possible, understand the content,” said the woman who is also a lecturer at STMA Trisakti.

After recognizing the product, you also need to compare one company’s insurance products with other companies.

Well, back again about BPJS Health, BPJS has a number of provisions regarding what types of diseases can be covered and which cannot be covered like other health insurance.

So not all health services can actually be claimed using BPJS Health, right? Then what health services cannot be covered by BPJS Kesehatan?

The government did not specifically mention ‘diseases not covered by BPJS’ or ‘diseases covered by BPJS’. However, it is actually the same as conventional health insurance, there are several types of diseases that are not covered by this social insurance, Mother.

Then, if you look at the rules contained in Presidential Regulation number 82 of 2018 concerning Health Insurance, there are at least 21 services that are not covered by BPJS Health.

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The following is a list of 21 diseases that are not covered by BPJS:

1. Diseases in the form of epidemics or extraordinary events.

2. Treatments related to beauty and aesthetics, such as plastic surgery.

3. Alignment of teeth such as stirrup.

4. Diseases due to criminal acts, such as sexual assault or violence.

5. Illness or injury resulting from intentional self-harm or suicide attempts.

6. Illness due to alcohol consumption or drug dependence.

7. Treatment of infertility or infertility.

What other diseases are not covered by BPJS? CONTINUE READING CLICK HERE.

See also how to check BPJS Health’s active period:

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