Note! These are 5 2019 Plane Ticket Promos for Family Year-End Vacations to Save! – ipadguides

Note! These are 5 2019 Plane Ticket Promos for Family Year-End Vacations to Save! – ipadguides 1

2019 is just counting the days, guys! Many red dates and of course it can be a very long vacation with family or loved ones.

This long holiday is indeed the time to take your family for a vacation out of town or even abroad, right? Well, on vacation out of town or abroad, of course, you need adequate transportation such as an airplane.

Yes, you can take a bus to Bali, for example, but it’s time for the holidays to be on the road for a long time, haha!

If the title invites a family vacation, of course there are also many plane tickets to be purchased. Limited budget? You don’t need to worry because at Traveloka, there are many interesting promos that you can use to fly at the end of the year. Definitely go to enjoy the beauty of the new year outside the city or even abroad.

With the presence of various very interesting 2019 airplane ticket promos, you and your family can vacation comfortably without fear of running out of a lot of money for year-end holidays. Cuan is lyfe! Let’s take a look at some of the promos below!

1. Garuda Promo 40% Domestic and International Routes

Traveloka provides a 40% promo for purchasing Garuda tickets for both domestic and international routes that you can book from December 10 to December 31, 2019. With the following terms and conditions:

a. Promotion is only valid for economy class bookings

b. Valid for orders on the app or website

c. Only valid for Garuda Indonesia airlines

d. All payment methods can be used in this promo program

e. Promos cannot be combined

f. The booking period is 10 to 31 December 2019

g. The flight period is 10 to 31 December 2019

2. Discount Coupon Promo up to IDR 150,000 for All Domestic Destinations

This discount coupon of up to 150 thousand Rupiah can be used by entering a voucher code that is valid for the booking period from 16 to 20 December 2019 but for any flying period you want.


With this coupon, you get a 100 thousand discount with a minimum purchase of 2 million using Citilink domestic flights.


Is a discount coupon of 100 thousand with a minimum transaction of 3.75 million using Garuda Indonesia airline domestic flights


This is a 50 thousand discount coupon with a minimum transaction of 1.5 million for domestic routes from Sriwijaya Air

3. Pay Later discount up to IDR 500.000,00

In addition to the convenience of paying later, you can also get a discount of up to 500 thousand by entering a voucher on the booking and the booking period can be used from 18 to 23 December 209 with a different flying period for each route.


This discount coupon provides a 10% discount or up to 350 thousand with a minimum transaction of 2 million which is valid for trips to Jakarta, Singapore, Penang, Kuala Lumpur, and Bangkok as well as using Malaysia Airlines, Garuda Indonesia, Thai Airways, and China Airlines airlines.


Discount coupon of 350 thousand with a minimum transaction of 4 million which is valid for round-trip flights to Jakarta, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Baijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Taiwan. While the airlines used are All Nippon Airways, Thai Airways, Cathay Pacific, Philippine Airlines, Malaysia Airlines, China Southern Airlines, Garuda Indonesia, and EVA Air.


Discount coupon of 500 thousand with a minimum transaction of 6 million. Valid for round trips to Jakarta, Paris, Milan, London, and New York. And applies to flights on Emirates, Thai Airways, Cathay Pacific, Air China, China Airlines, All Nipon Airways and American Airlines.

4. Amazing Thailand Deals

This voucher provides a discount of up to 300 thousand for a trip to Thailand. By using any type of airline and valid every Tuesday and Wednesday until January 31, 2020 and the departure period is free for you to determine at any time. This discount can be combined with other discount promos.


This voucher provides a discount of 100 thousand for a minimum flight transaction of 4 million


This voucher provides a 300 thousand discount for booking airline tickets as well as hotels with a minimum transaction of 7 million.

5. Changi Shopping Delight

If you have just arrived at Changi airport or are waiting for a flight, you can shop at world-class shopping destinations at Changi Airport with shopping vouchers up to S$55 by buying a plane ticket to Singapore with Traveloka.

You can enjoy shopping vouchers of S$20 with a minimum transaction of S$150, discount coupons at 15% (up to S$20) with no minimum transaction. Furthermore, you can also get 500 Changi Reward Travel points with an additional 20% discount coupon (up to S$20) when registering for Changi Reward Travel.

So what are you waiting for? Immediately open the Traveloka app and enjoy the year-end holidays!

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