Nunsa Purple Minimalist Home Interior Design that is Cheap but Impressive

This house with shades of purple, known as the color of nobility, will be very flexible if applied to even a minimalist or luxurious style house. The application of purple in a minimalist home will increase the classy and charming appearance. According to feng shui, the color purple is also synonymous with impressive meaning with high spirituality. In addition to the many philosophies displayed in purple, the use of purple in the interior of the house will also display optimal beauty. For home interior inspiration with purple nuances, see the following reviews about Cheap but Impressive Purple Interior Minimalist Home Interior Inspiration.

Living Room with Minimalist Sofa

Minimalist homes often make a narrow room uncomfortable. However, this living room uses a minimalist sofa with a capacity of 2 people so as to provide space that remains wide in other parts. Wall decoration is also a point that supports the beauty of this room. Pay attention to the use of decorations in this room so that it still gives a neat impression that is not stuffy.

Functional Main Room

The minimalist existence makes this room appear functional, which apart from being a living room is also used as a family TV room by arranging the TV using parquet on the wall so it doesn’t take up space which gives the impression of overlapping. In contrast to the living room area which uses a minimalist sofa, to enjoy TV with the family, the owner works around this by using a comfortable fur carpet with the same color. The use of this lesehan concept also helps the room remain spacious and facilitates air circulation.


Rich in Patterns

This kitchen that has a neat arrangement has quite a variety of combinations to provide maximum decorative accents. The unique pattern on the wall gives a unique and elegant 3D effect. Meanwhile, the use of shelves as storage for kitchen items uses a plain purple color to balance the pattern around it.


Floral Wallpaper

Maximizing a varied appearance, this bedroom uses a wall wallpaper that has a floral pattern with different colors between the sides. The use of floral motifs on this wall will give a memorable romantic impression on the couple. Not only on the walls, unique motifs to give the maximum appearance are shown on floor carpets that have a color combination similar to the walls.

Maximizing the Corner of the Room

The minimalist design makes you more motivated to maximize each area into an out of the box function. In the corner of this area, the use of the function as a laundry room is an interesting idea that deserves thumbs up. To give a neat impression, the addition of a board shelf on the wall is a simple piece of furniture but has a real function.


Purple Bath

The cool atmosphere of the bathroom will be very suitable if you use a natural concept with a variety of natural stone patterns. This is also applied to the bathroom with purple shades that use marble motifs on the walls and also granite motifs on the bathtub. However, you also need to provide special space for plain walls so that they still have a balance that is not boring.


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