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Macul first guys…

When you talk about rice fields in Bali, you will definitely remember Ubud. However, Ubud is now too crowded, right? Although compared to areas south of Bali such as Kuta, it is still much quieter.

Uniquely, in Nyambu Village, which is located in Tabanan, only about half an hour from downtown Denpasar, we can still see a village that is truly BALI. The area of ​​​​the rice fields alone reaches more than 60%. Even though this is calculated in the middle of the city. Fortunately, it has not turned into a housing, resort, or hotel when the Regent of Tabanan inaugurated Nyambu Village as an Ecological Tourism Village on April 29.

The inauguration of the Ecotourism Village is an implementation of the Langgeng EcoTourism program which is jointly driven by PT Langgeng Kreasi Jayaprima (LKJ), British Council, and the Wisnu Foundation.

So, my group may be the first official ‘tourist’ there to enjoy the nature and culture of Nyambu village, because no other group has stopped in this village besides us!

Some of the attractions that are the mainstay of nyambu are rice field tours, cultural tours, culinary tours, and painting classes. Maybe it’s normal for us. But in this tour we will be explained by a guide who explains the rice field system in Bali very well.

Here are the photos~

There is a Balinese prayer place in the middle of the rice fields
In the middle of the rice fields there is a little shady area to rest

In this rice field tour, we will be explained by a local guide about the Subak system. The rice field irrigation system is designated by UNESCO as one of the world heritages. On this two-hour tour, Yeni, our guide explains many other aspects of Balinese rice fields such as daily rituals, rice that is considered ‘pregnant’ after two months of age so it is ‘craving’ and given sour offerings, hihi.

Place of offering in the middle of the rice field
There are still a lot of monkeys here
Country walks
There are two homestays here, the price is around 150 thousand rupiah.
*turns on the offering*
Learn to make offerings, aka offerings. Very difficult!
Before the tour around the temple, the local elders pray first
Balinese Gamelan
You can also use a bicycle
Cultural Tour
Jaje Bali, a typical Balinese market snack that is similar to the Surabi Bandung cake
The British Council fosters citizens by teaching English and also contributes to the development of the concept of community-based ecotourism.
This satay wrapped with lemongrass stalks is JUARAHH! In this one day tour package, we also get to eat with extraordinary Balinese menus.
There is also a painting class led by Mr. Nyoman
This is my real painting! hihi!

If you are asked by your friend, “Which place in Bali is still not very touristy?” I definitely recommend Nyambu Village in Tabanan.

For more information, you can email to [email protected] or you can also go to IG social media: @Nyambu_ecotourism FB: Nyambu Ecotourism

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