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ipadguides.id- Hello, Zone Friends! Mimin is here again to provide interesting information for you. Now, this time Mimin will give tips to recognize the 8 signs that Zone Buddy is a genius but is often thought to be lazy.

Sometimes people who are geniuses actually look ordinary or even look lazy, now Mimin will tell you about the signs that Zone Buddy is a genius. Let’s immediately read Mimin’s review below!

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Have a Curiosity

Illustration of a curious person (Photo: Blogger)

The first characteristic of a genius is to have a high curiosity. Geniuses are very happy to ask things that are not in accordance with their thinking or they do not understand about it.

This can also be seen from his study habits every day. Intelligent people or geniuses will not easily give up in terms of learning. They not only read books but also practice outside.

High Empathy

Illustration of caring for others (Photo: Orami)

Having high empathy is indeed owned by many people who also have high emotional intelligence. Some smart people also can feel what other people think or feel.

The higher a person’s sense of empathy, the higher the person can understand the nature of effective verbal understanding. Because empathy itself is part of emotional intelligence that is directly tied to understanding which is part of cognitive intelligence.

Can Control Yourself Well

Illustration of self-control (Photo: Alodokter)

Having good self-control is a person who knows how to control his emotions. Having self-control is a sign of intelligence. Because it indicates that Zone Buddies tend to think before speaking or acting.

When this genius has a problem then he will try to solve the problem and reduce the discomfort immediately.

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Observant in Observing

Illustration of observing (Photo: Belajargiat)

People who have a level of foresight will really pay attention to how they speak. Like geniuses, they will not talk about unimportant things, or talk about their achievements.

They will really sort out what things he should talk about and what not to talk about.

Recognizing Weaknesses

Illustration of recognizing shortcomings (Photo: Your plan)

Intelligent people or geniuses never try to act as if they know everything. People like this will actually know where their limits are and know where they are lacking.

If they feel they can’t do it then they won’t act like they can. This is what makes them look smart and they are open to learning more from others.

Have a Good Memory

Illustration of improving memory (Photo: Strategy)

Having a good working brain memory as well as general intelligence is highly correlated. When a person has a good memory, he will also have the ability to focus and pay attention. In addition, intelligent people also tend to have strong long-term memories.

Have an Open Mind

Illustration with an open mind (Photo: GadaiBKPB )

These geniuses usually never close themselves off to new ideas or opportunities that they get. Amazingly, people who are geniuses tend to accept opinions and consider the thoughts of others with broad values ​​and thoughts.

An open-minded person who will seek alternative points of view as well as accept the evidence. But at the same time they are also very careful in choosing which perspective they will adopt.

Lonely Love

Illustration of being alone (Photo: Sayastudiid)

According to a 2016 study published in the British Journal of Psychology, geniuses tend to prefer solitude. Because according to them when alone many things and also brilliant ideas that appear.

People who have high intelligence levels are more likely to have lower levels of satisfaction when placed in crowded social situations.

Often thought to be lazy, first recognize 8 Signs that your Zone Buddy is a Genius

Friend Zone, those are some examples of geniuses but many think they are lazy.

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