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Bang Ucok his name. He is a road worker. Especially when it comes to road trips by car. Bang Ucok is the winner. From Sumatra, Java, Bali, Lombok, Sumbawa, Flores, and even tried a road trip from Manokwari to Sorong, which happened to be no way…

Incidentally, behind the wheel of Terios number 5 which I was riding, Ucok served as a pilot. He is not a driver, he works in a well-known media in this country. Incidentally, because he really likes roads and his driving skills exceed those of intercity bus drivers, he was asked to accompany us.

Let’s have a little chat with Ucok!

Hero (W) : Bro, I think I really enjoy traveling. When did you first travel?

Bang Ucok (U) : Wow. Yes, I really enjoy traveling. The first time I went in 1992. At that time I saw the brochure to Bunaken, how come it was really good. So I want to see it with my own eyes. At that time, my brother was alone for 15 days. I’ve never been with other people, now I’m with my family hehe. Until now, he still often travels to the mountains like Rinjani, Semeru.

W : Do you often take your car for long walks?

U : Every year, my brother goes back to Padang by car. I usually leave via the west route, return via the east route so I don’t get bored. Finally, my brother drove a car from the Jakarta-Lombok PP truck to test it.

W: Brother, Ucok’s favorite street in Indonesia, bro, where is it?

U : Lombok! Moreover, the direction senggigi to the ward. The road is smooth, wide enough, quite winding, asoy climbs, the beach, sometimes the edge of the cliff, and directly on the side of the mountain. Pamper the eyes so much!

W : Any tips for a busy car road trip like this so it’s good?

U : Now. The most important thing is to keep your distance. Sometimes this crowd is too pushy to always have a convoy. Remember, the safe distance is usually 2 seconds with the car in front. It’s about keeping your emotions in check. Every pilot is different. We can’t force our ego. For example, pretending to show off to overtake others so that they are thought to be great. If it’s busy like this, let’s just be together. Congratulations until the goal is more important. Don’t forget when you’re sleepy, you can remind your friend to use HT, you can joke around a bit.

On The Road

W: What should you pay attention to when you are on the road?

U : A lot of. Starting from the shape of the road like a curve that looks straight but we have to reduce the speed so that it doesn’t eat people’s lanes. Or the peek-a-boo climb which is actually much more dangerous during the day or at night. And, if you’re not bringing a kid with you, please drive very carefully. Follow the existing SOPs.

W : What is the funniest music when you are on a road trip?

U : Brother, I like relaxing ballads.

W : No wonder, since yesterday, Ebiet G.Ade’s song was set like “Nyanyian Rindu” or Iwan Fals “I’m not an option”. I don’t know what’s wrong with you?

U : hah?

W : ….

W : What do you think about this car (Daihatsu Terios)?

U : At first, I was disappointed that the pull was lacking. However, it turned out that the engine was not yet ‘hot’ because when my brother held the car, it only showed the 15th kilometer. It had just left the factory. Well, after leaving Sawarna for about 200 km, the running feels really good. See for yourself, when you enter Jogja, you don’t have a problem with the lava sandy path of Kinahrejo. Especially after the first service at the 700s in Malang, behhhh, it’s getting joss.

The Terios 5 team is a “fir family”, as Ucok calls us. Is it because my face looks opaque?

W : Is it time, bro? How much did Daihatsu pay bro? *Blink*

U : Ha ha ha ha. No, really. My brother had also been to the end of the tile with his NatGeo group. Incidentally use Terios too, but the old version. When I went to Pangumbahan beach to see turtles, suddenly the sand at night turned into an estuary. The water is 3/4 of the tire. We’ve been stuck there for a long time. The water is almost in. Luckily after a few tries, the Terios was able to get out and we didn’t drown. In my opinion, it’s pretty tough.

W : So, do you recommend this car?

U : For an SUV with a price of 200 million, I think the Terios is very capable for all-around needs.

W : Thanks bro, when are we going out together again?

U : It’s easy to arrange haha.

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