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The road to Sawarna Village

Throughout my own travel record, this roadtrip with Daihatsu Terios covering a distance of 2850 kilometers is the longest and the most exciting!

From Sawarna Village to Komodo Island, seven terios managed to travel with 24 people who took part in it.

There are many interesting stories that I can share. But, this time I will share photos of the trip taken from behind the car dashboard. Enjoy!

Unleashing the journey of the Terios in Jakarta
Turning towards the south lintar lane via Bandung-Nagreg
Southern route to Jogja
Take a rest first fill up the gas
Never stray using the Terios GPS.
Terios 7 Wonder Blogger Team
Enter the lava kinahrejo path!
This is really amazing, I didn’t expect it at all
Because usually 4WD hardtop jeeps can come here.
It turns out that Terios can deal with it without any problems at all
To poor
The road is being repaired
Enjoy the afternoon with Terios
A good light
Heading to Ranupane via Lumajang, because the overlapping route is being closed
Under the star of Ranupane
Back through the lumajang route
Down the road to Banyuwangi
To Baluran National Park

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