Once jealous of Nagita Slavina, Caca Tengker does this so it doesn’t happen to her child


Caca Tengker’s second child, Aruni, just celebrated his first birthday on January 27th, Mother. In this happy moment, Caca shared a unique experience when he had to face his first child, Ansara, who was jealous of his sister.

Ansara is jealous of Aruni for getting more attention on her birthday. This condition was also experienced by Caca when he was a child. Caca was once jealous of her sister, Nagita Slavina on her birthday.

“So yesterday was Aruni’s birthday I was thinking about what it’s like to be Ansara? I really imagined when I was little that it was Mba Gigi’s birthday instead jealous. It turns out that there is that feeling in children when they see it sibling get excessive attention,” wrote Caca Tengker, quoted from InstagramSunday (30/1/22).

So, so that Ansara doesn’t get jealous of her sister, Caca also anticipates. This 32-year-old woman gives understanding to her baby before her sister’s birthday.

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Ansara looked very happy on Aruni’s birthday. However, this 3-year-old boy still feels sad because he doesn’t get as many gifts as his sister, Mother.

“What I tried to do was, from some time before I explained that Adek Aruni’s birthday would be and there would be a celebration. It turned out that when Mba Ansara was asked, she was actually happy because of Aruni’s birthday celebration because she could participate in the game,” said Caca Tengker.

“But it turns out that what makes Mba Ansara sad is that the gifts for Aruni are many. Well, it’s really fitting that someone gave a gift to Mba Ansara, so Mba Ansara’s level of sadness is not excessive,” he continued.

Caca Tengker did not shake to give understanding to his son. According to him, this way can be done to build a sense of empathy for the child.

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