One More Person Added! 2 UIN Malang Students Died During Pencak Silat Extracurricular Training – Student Zone – One more student of UIN Malang died during extra-curricular (ex-curricular) pencak silat training.

Currently, the number of students who died during the New Member Acceptance and Acceptance (PPAB) UKM Pencak Silat Pagar Nusa State Islamic University (UIN) Maliki Malang amounted to 2 people, namely Miftah Rizki Pratama and Faishal Lathiful Fahri also breathed his last in the event held held in Coban Rais, Oro-Oro Ombo Village, Batu District, Batu City on Saturday (06/03/2021).

“Yes, there were two who died. Rizki, my friend, and Faishal. Sharia Faculty student, I don’t know about the major,” explained a source who declined to give his name, quoted from Jawa Pos Radar Malang.

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The response of the Vice Chancellor 3 UIN Malang

Illustration of a student who died (Photo: Okezone News)

Launching from, Deputy Chancellor 3, State Islamic University (UIN) Maulana Malik Ibrahim, Dr. H. Isroqunnajah gave information regarding this matter.

“That’s right, two people did die. One died at Karsa Husada Hospital. While the other died at the Karangploso Health Center,” he told, Sunday (07/03/2021).

From the information obtained, the two students who died were named Miftah Rizki Pratama and Faisal Lathiful Fakhri.

Miftah Rizki Pratama is a resident of Jalan Bandung who studies at UIN Malang, Faculty of Tarbiyah Science and Teacher Training, Department of Mathematics and Natural Sciences.

Meanwhile, Faisal Lathiful Fakhri, is a UIN student from Lamongan who studied at the Sharia Faculty, Sharia Economic Law Department.

He explained that actually the event committee had made their best efforts, by identifying the participants’ illnesses at the beginning before the activity.

After being recorded, the committee gave a red ribbon sign for participants who had a prone disease and did not impose strenuous activities or activities on students who had a history of illness.

“But indeed the condition of the deceased’s body has dropped, both of them have similarities because of fatigue and shortness of breath. And when he was taken for treatment, he died,” he explained.

Since the disaster occurred, verbal statements from the campus were also conveyed at the same time as the education and training activities were discontinued.

“Furthermore, the committee and management will be called back to campus to provide information,” he said.

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The Committee’s version of the Chronology of Events

One of the portraits of students who died during training (Photo: Radar Malang)

Launching from detikcom, the following is the chronology of events from the event committee version of the Oro-Oro Ombo Forest Stakeholder, Batu City.

It is known that 41 people participated in the training for the acceptance of pencak silat UKM members at UIN Maliki. The group departed from campus to Mahardika Vocational School, Karangploso, Malang Regency, on Friday (05/03/2021), at 15.30 WIB.

After carrying out istigosah and tahlil activities, the group departed again on Saturday (06/03/2021), at around 10.30 WIB to the front of the Predator Park tourist attraction in the Junrejo area, Batu City, by riding a truck.

From in front of Predator Park, participants then left for Coban Rais on foot. Arriving there, the committee gathered all the training participants.

At that time, the victim named Miftah fell and then help was carried out. The committee then took the victim to Karsa Husada General Hospital, Batu City by motorbike.

During the trip to the hospital, the victim was still conscious. After arriving at Karsa Husada General Hospital, the victim was immediately taken to the ER. Upon receiving medical attention, the victim was declared dead.

“The victim was found fallen when he was collected after arriving at Coban Rais tour, after that he was taken to the hospital, but died under treatment,” said Head of Criminal Investigation Unit of Batu Police AKP Jeifson Sitorus on Sunday (07/03/2021).

Until now, there has been no further information regarding the chronology of the death of the victim named Faisal. The deceased was reported to have died at the Karangploso Health Center, Malang Regency.

Still Waiting for Medical Examination Results

Coban Rais, Pencak Silat UKM training center (Photo: TripAdvisor)

The Batu Police Satreskrim is currently investigating the exact cause of the victim’s death. The results of the medical examination are being awaited to determine whether the victim has a history of illness or other causes.

“We are waiting for the results of the medical examination, for the family has arrived at the hospital, we have also submitted an autopsy, but we are still waiting for approval from the family,” he said.

One More Person Added! 2 UIN Malang Students Died During Pencak Silat Extracurricular Training

Friend Zona, that’s all the information from Mimin about 2 UIN Malang students who died while attending the extracurricular pencak silat training. For our two fellow students, let’s say a prayer with Mimin so that they are accepted by God Almighty. Hopefully this kind of incident will not happen again in the future.

For more information about news and students, turn on the Student Zone website post notifications. Mimin farewell, see you later.

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