OPEXCON: Innovation Competition Event to Support Industry Competitiveness

OPEXCON: Innovation Competition Event to Support Industry Competitiveness

OPEXCON is dedicated to supporting the innovation culture of all organizations in Indonesia so that a superior, resilient, and competitive industry can be realized.

iPaGa, media operational excellence first in Indonesia consistently organizes the annual OPEXCON program. OPEXCON is an initiative taken by iPaGa to unite innovators from various industrial sectors in Indonesia and give appreciation or appreciation for the innovation projects they have successfully completed.

Riyantono Anwar, Director of OPEXCON, said, “We are very excited and proud to present a competition, appreciation and conference event in the field of operational excellence which is full of interesting activities as a forum to support innovation, friends, innovators throughout Indonesia.”

“For more than a decade, OPEXCON has brought together innovators and promoted the benefits of innovation for business to the industry at large. Especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, it is very important for organizations to continue to adapt and make changes through innovation,” Riyan continued.

OPEXCON is organized in partnership with SSCX International and has the support of academia, government, media, and innovators throughout Indonesia. “I want to thank play partner We, SSCX International and all who have worked together and supported us since we started this event in 2012. We hope that in 2022 we can together make OPEXCON a success,” hoped Riyan.

Rifki Rizal Derrian, CEO of SSCX International, said, “We are very pleased to be able to support such a very positive activity. Last year, we saw the number of participants in the OPEXCON competition experiencing an increasing trend of up to 20 percent compared to 2020. This means that the competition to become a winner in this competition is getting tougher. Signal positive, this indicates that the organization is getting excited, the more innovative. However, of course we still have a lot of work to do to promote mindset innovation to a wider level.”

OPEXCON is held with the hope that it can become a platform or means to build awareness as well as a competition venue for innovators and activists improvements. There are 3 categories to be competed against, namely the manufacturing, services, and mining and energy sectors. For those of you who are challenged to take part in the OPEXCON project competition, please contact the iPaGa team at 087857630200 (Dewi) or send your questions via email info@shiftindonesia.com.

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