OPEXCON Looking For Best Innovator Of The Year

OPEXCON Looking For Best Innovator Of The Year

iPaGa as the organizer of the OPEXCON conference again called companies to register improvement projects that have been carried out to get tickets to the conference operational excellence largest in Indonesia on December 7, 2022 in Jakarta.

Unlike the last two years where participants only met on a limited basis on linethis year the OPEXCON conference will be held separately offline so that leading professionals, academics, economists, and business practitioners across sectors can meet each other and build networks.

Conference in the field of operational excellence This relates to the industrial world in a broad sense, and supports business players and innovative practices to advance the competitiveness of the country’s industry. Through OPEXCON, iPaGa seeks to have an impact on the industrial world, especially regarding the readiness of business people to face the rapidly shifting business landscape due to digital disruption.

iPaGa also appreciates the activists improvement for their big role in boosting the company’s performance. Those who successfully implement the program improvement with the most significant results for the company and its industry will receive an award Gold Achievements OPEXCON Award 2022, and given directly in front of more than 500 participants from among middle-up management representing the organization.


We invite all companies in Indonesia to take part in the OPEXCON 2022 innovation project competition. The following are the categories of participating companies according to the type of industry:

  1. Manufacturing Category (Automotive, Food and Beverage Industry, Semicon, Electronic, Plastic and Packaging, Pharmaceutical, Paper, Textile, and so on)
  2. Categories of Services and Services (Banking, Insurance, Hotel, Retail, Telecommunications, Startup, and so on)
  3. Mining and Energy Category (Mining, Oil and Gas, Energy, and so on)

The rules for collecting reports for each participating company are as follows:

  • Register registration via email info@shiftindonesia.com or wa 087857630200
  • Collect reports on details and processes during the project (format determined by the committee).
  • The report should contain details about the steps taken during the project, a description of the problem, and the solutions used to address each problem.
  • The project being carried out is a repair project that has been completed and has never been entered in the OPEXCON project competition.

The project is executed using the following improvement methods:

  • Project with Six Sigma methodology (completed all phases of DMAIC)
  • Project with Lean / Value Steam Mapping (VSM) / Kaizen Event methodology (event has been completed and has resulted in improvements)
  • Projects with PDCA / QCC / A3 / One-Point Kaizen / or other Continuous Improvement methods.
  • Projects with Agile/Design Thinking/other innovation methods.

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