Oppo A53 photo results, is the camera good?

Oppo A53 photo results, is the camera good?

oppo a53 camera photos

One of the mobile phone brands that is still loyal to the hearts of its lovers is a cellphone with the Oppo brand. Although there are more and more new brands with their respective advantages, Oppo is still favored by its lovers. One of them is in terms of the camera, you can see it through the Oppo A53 camera photos.

Since its presence, Oppo has branded itself as a camera phone. So don’t be surprised if these advantages are always displayed on Oppo phones of various types. One type that appears is the Oppo A53.

To find out the results of the Oppo A53 camera photos, there is no need to doubt because in the camera section there are three camera sensors on the back which consist of 3 parts. First, 13 megapixel f/2.2, second, 2 megapixel portrait, and third, 2 megapixel macro. Up front, there is a 16 megapixel f/2.0 selfie camera.

Main Camera Photo

Oppo A53 photo results, is the camera good?
Daytime Photos

Oppo A53 photo results, is the camera good?

The results of the Oppo A53 camera are quite good if during a bright day it will produce decent images. The color is not too over the top and not natural too, overall we think the camera tends to be cool.

Oppo A53 photo results, is the camera good?
Night Photo Results

For nighttime catches, it’s quite okay if you get bright lights, but you can try it yourself when there is minimal lighting, we admit that the Oppo A53 camera is not optimal. So at night you have to look for a place with bright enough light so that the results can still be satisfactory.

Then the support for the camera sensor on the back really helps you to maximize the results of the Oppo A53 camera photos in terms of taking portraits. In addition, on the front there is also a camera for selfies with a capacity of 16 Megapixels.

A camera with this capacity certainly looks much more capable when used for taking pictures. And you can see directly the results of the Oppo A53 camera photos so you can observe the advantages of this type of cellphone.

Selfie Camera Photo

Oppo A53 photo results, is the camera good?

The Oppo A53 front camera is also quite sufficient for selfie needs.

Bokeh Camera Mode

It can also be used to produce a bokeh camera, it’s pretty good even though it’s not very neat at the edges of the depth sensor, it still looks like it’s cut into pieces. We can also adjust the depth of the bokeh effect according to taste from 0% to 100%.

Oppo A53 photo results, is the camera good?

Not only that, related to video recording, the Oppo A53 camera phone is quite capable and ideal so that you can make it an option if you want to buy a cellphone with satisfactory camera specifications. Do not forget that the presence of good lighting will affect the results of the recording using the Oppo A53 camera.

Another advantage of this cellphone is the performance of the chipset which is known to be able to provide a fast rate when you use it. This is because this cellphone uses the latest Qualcomm chipset released in 2020, namely the Snapdragon 460. No doubt it has many fans because of its very tempting abilities.

For the RAM used, it is also quite capable of supporting the performance speed of this cellphone, with a capacity of 4GB LPDDR4X RAM and 64GB of internal memory. For this internal memory, you can add external memory if you need with a maximum capacity of 256 GB, so it’s getting looser to store photos in large quantities.

The battery capacity offered is also quite large so that it will be able to meet your needs all day which is around 5000 Mah. This is one of the things that you can consider before making a choice to buy this type of cellphone. More specifically, you need to read the list of advantages and disadvantages of the Oppo A53.

Tips for Using the Oppo A53 Camera

As for one way to get maximum photos, you need to pay attention to the following aspects:

First, make sure you can apply camera settings and adjust to your lighting conditions. For example, if you want to take pictures when it is bright, then you can use the usual settings but if it is at night, then you need to activate the night mode so that your shots are good.

Second, adjust the focus when taking pictures, if you are not focused, your image results are not good, especially if you are moving, the image you get will tend to be less focused or even less clear or even blurry.

Third, make sure the target image object is selected. If you want to take pictures of a wide atmosphere, you can use landscape mode while for taking pictures of faces or standing photos, you should use upright mode.

Meanwhile, if you want to take a long picture, you can use additional features that you can choose according to your taste. This will obviously affect the photos from the Oppo A53 camera.

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