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The politicians took part in a program called Au Tableau (On the Blackboard), a TV show in which students ages eight-12 ask presidential candidates questions, reports The Telegraph. France’s next general election will take place on April 10, as President Macron struggles to retain his leadership.

Yannick Jadot of the French Greens made an “embarrassing faux pas” when he failed to remember that Romania and Bulgaria are part of the EU.

After initially mixing up Estonia and Lithuania, Jadot responded when asked to name the capitals of Romania and Bulgaria by saying, “You asked me [for countries] in the European Union”, indicating that the two countries are not members.

In fact, they have been part of the EU since 2007.

One student pointed out that as a “member of parliament” Mr Jadot should really know better.

The French Greens candidate admitted: “I love history, but admits geography has never been my strength.”

His party currently sits at around five percent in opinion polls, far behind far-right candidate Ric Zemmour who is at 11 percent.


Mr Zemmour, highly critical of Islam and the level of immigration in France, had an embarrassing encounter with a North African student.

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Right-wing Valérie Pécresse unwittingly caused laughter when she swore aloud after failing to name the type of brie cheese.

Communist candidate Fabien Roussel also caused quite a stir when he struggled to answer a child’s question about whether Joseph Stalin was a “comrade” or not.

After placing it somewhere “in between” he was forced to retract his answer when a student protested that Stalin “killed millions of people”.


presidential candidates Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen refused to take part, with President Macron blaming his busy schedule.