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Maybe when we upload photos to Facebook, the results displayed are slightly different from our original photos. If we pay a little attention to the photo becomes reduced sharpness and saturation. This is because the script from Facebook shrinks and compresses the photo when we upload it. Tips this time are useful for optimizing our upload results to look like the original. I started with this photo, taken using a D40 with a super sharp 18-135mm nikor lens.

First of all we have to do is me-resize the size of our photos to be according to facebook specifications. If we save the photo from facebook, we will find 604 px for the longest side. Even if we use a Nikon D3x or Canon 5d mk2 and even a Hasselblad, Facebook will still reduce it to 604 px with an sRGB color space of 72 dpi.

For most monitors, 72 dpi is more than enough. Also for the color space, above sRGB like Adobe RGB may still be difficult to display. There will be no significant difference. But it’s possible to print, please process your RAW file with a resolution of 300 dpi. Maybe it will make a difference.

Well, to optimize the quality of photos on Facebook I use Photoshop. Just resize the image with these steps: image -> image size

Let’s just remember that the longest side is 600 px (error: now it can be 700 px) then let the shortest side follow the longest size. Don’t forget to check “Constrain Proportion”. Then view the image in 100% to see the sharpness. Well, after we resize the image, the sharpness will decrease. We can work around this by sharpening the image. I usually use smart sharpen because it’s more practical.

Then please sharpen it according to taste. For myself, I use Amount 100%, radius 0.2, and remove lens blur. This setting almost works with all resolutions under 1000 px. There are still many other settings, but I’m too lazy to touch them because they’re just for powder hehe.

After this Save the image with the command File -> Save for web. This command will instantly convert the color space to sRGB. We can choose the quality we want. Also pay attention to the size of the photo. I myself was never more than 150 Kb. Usually JPEG High is sufficient.

I also tried the “Save As” version but there doesn’t seem to be any difference. Anyway, when you save for web, if you want EXIF ​​not to be lost, there is a metadata option that you want to remove. Choose as you wish. If you use Save as, no metadata is omitted.

Yup, that’s a few tips for uploading photos on Facebook. Please see here the comparison.

If anyone wants it fast, I made an action for this resizing process, please download it here.

Thanks for reading!

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