Organizations in Lectures Need to be Considered, What’s Really Happening? – Student Zone – Hello Zone Friends. How was class today? Are there friends who are hesitant to join the organization in lectures? For some students, friendship in the organization is very important. What considerations did you make?

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There are so many advantages in organizing in the world of education. However, for some people the organization on campus is also ‘not very important’. They think that it will be a waste of time studying, too many work programs, and so on.

Considerations must be made by a student, especially new students, such as whether the organization is profitable for you or is it detrimental? Before Mimin discusses these considerations, are there some benefits that can be obtained?

Benefits of Organizing

Photo of students in organization (Source: STIE PGRI Dewantara Jombang)

Check out Mimin’s review, come on!

  • Train you in time management
  • Have a lot of experience
  • Have a lot of relationships or friends
  • Communication can be trained and more confident

Hone the skills of the hobbies you already have

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Considerations Before Organizing

After knowing these various benefits, are there things that students take into consideration in choosing or even participating in organizations? According to Mimin’s opinion, here are these considerations.

Photo of students organizing (Source: Detik News)

Many statements are not supportive. One of the sentences that are often said by seniors in organizing is “Yang” out from here (organization), at least mentally not strong”. In fact, in friendship it would be more fun if they supported each other and didn’t bring them down, right?

Don’t be too pro with the fields in the organization. If you already feel that there are signs that seniors are pushing opinions hard, it’s best if you have to be easy to act on, OK? Choose a wise decision.

It’s best to avoid the circle of friends in organizations that indirectly force you not to do college assignments. In this case, Zone Friends make sure that you are not easily influenced by those who very rarely underestimate lecture assignments from lecturers, OK?

Organizations in Lectures Need to be Considered, What’s Really Happening?

Well, those are some points that Mimin can explain about the considerations before Zone Buddy further participates in the organization of lectures. How? Does Buddy Zone have any other considerations?

That’s Mimin’s opinion about various considerations in organizing. Hopefully it will provide benefits and new views for Zone Friends, yes. Don’t forget to keep abreast of developments about students by activating the Student Zone website notifications. See you later!

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