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You can tell it’s Bali

The sky was already dark when we were almost at the western end of the Singaraja – Gilimanuk road on the Island of the Gods. My friend’s car suddenly turned in the middle of the road into a dense forest. The forest I guess is part of the West Bali National Park we are going to.

We continued to follow the winding off-road road until we saw a man in Balinese white clothes facing us. Then he put his hands on his chest, giving us a smile and a respectful greeting. “Please come in this way,” he said quietly. After confirming he was a human, we continued our way inside.

We arrived in front of a wooden building shaped like a giant drum. The peak is not visible because it is dark, but I can confirm that it is almost the same height as the giant trees around it.

Entering the room, we were greeted very warmly: given an orange flower necklace, welcome drink fresh guava juice, dan snacks Wet vegetarian spring rolls filled with raw vegetables.

At the reception desk during this check, we saw a token of appreciation from Trip Advisor as the “Traveller’s choice” in 2013. Wohooo!

The Menjangan Jungle & Beach Resort

To get to our room, we had to use a double decker car that was used for safari around the forest. I’m actually happy, but because it’s already night, I’m a bit paranoid. And sure enough, on our way to the location of our room at the moonsoon lodge, our car was forced to stop for a while because we were waiting for a snake to ‘cross’ the road. Maybe he’s tired and hungry.

After a romantic beachside dinner accompanied by live acoustics about folk songs, we went to sleep to prepare for diving the next day..

This is what our lodge looks like. Here all the buildings are shaped wooden stilts. Because there should be no permanent buildings in the West Bali National Park area.

Moonson lodges

Pool and Jacuzzi inside the lodge surrounded by rooms. It’s really in the middle of the forest. However, the facilities are standard five-star hotels.

The Moonson Pool
My room is just a standard room, but very spacious.
My pic so it’s not called a hoax
A swimming pool that makes you want to dive

Menjangan is the best place to dive or snorkel in Bali.

For divers, you must already know, diving inside wall deer are very pleasing to the eye. Who don’t have diving license no need to be discouraged either. With only a depth of 4-5 meters, we can already enjoy the underwater beauty of deer by means of snorkeling or freediving.

In the morning we took a boat from the pier at Bajui Bay to go to Menjangan Island. Menjangan Island itself actually only contains deer (deer) and several temples of worship such as Gili Kencana Temple which we can see clearly on the edge of the island, with the entrance decorated with a white Ganesha statue.

“The deer population is decreasing on Menjangan Island because water is more difficult there,” said our boat captain.

Menjangan Pier
Let’s explore Menjangan!
You can see the mountains on the island of Java such as Argopuro, Raung, and his friends.
Menjangan Island

This is one of the snorkeling/diving spots in Menjangan. Want to dive?

Diving at Menjangan, photo by Marischka Prudence
This is freediving on deer, not a new cuttlefish species. Photo by Marischka Prudence

The Menjangan has a tall building called “Bali Tower” in the middle of the forest. Going up there can make us see another side of Bali: the West Bali National Park.

Bali tower seen from below
West Bali National Park Forest
Can also horse riding

What I love from The Menjangan

  • Amenities! The soap, shampoo, conditioner, and hand body all have the same scent. And so delicious! Traditional Balinese fragrances such as lemongrass, frangipan, and other natural fragrances. They say the soap is hand made! In fact, I even transferred the remaining soap to a small bottle specifically for my soap for my own use. Eh but even left in the bathroom :))
  • The atmosphere is very calm and peaceful, only at night it’s a bit hmmm… yes, it’s in the middle of the forest, ahaha.
  • The food is delicious!
I love the Menjangan Amenities!

What could be better

  • When the BBQ is a bit undercooked, the seafood is a bit undercooked. Not my taste.
  • The distance between the restaurant – beach – lodge is quite far. It’s actually nice to walk, but in my opinion it’s too far. But I see some Caucasians prefer to walk, even at night.
  • When I stay it seems exhaust the toilet didn’t work properly, so the bad smell moved a bit into the room. But it seems this is only my room, my colleague’s room is not like this.

So, Will I come back here again? Of course! Because last time I was there because there was a test drive media job with the new Daihatsu New Terios, so I only had time to stay here for one night. Next time I will come here with my wife who is still in the process at this time. #HARD CODE :))

For more information :

The Menjangan

West Bali National Park, Jl. Raya Gilimanuk Singaraja Km 17 Pejarakan village, Buleleng 81155, Bali – Indonesia
T: +62 362 94700 F: +62 361 775 222
E: [email protected]


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