Pablo Escobar’s Cause of Death: Was He Really Shot To Death?

Pablo Escobar’s Cause of Death: Was He Really Shot To Death?

The cause of Pablo Escobar’s death was a mystery. At the age of 44 years, exactly one day after the birthday celebration, various media reported the death of the former biggest drug lord in the world at that time.

The first media to report the death of the man from Medellin, Colombia, was the newspaper Los Angeles Times December 3, 1993. The death of Pablo Escobar became headlines title: Colombian Drug Lord Escobar Dies in Shootout. Is it true that his death was caused by a gunfight?

News that Pablo Escobar’s cause of death was suicide

After the news of Pablo Escobar’s death spread, not everyone believed that the cause of Pablo Escobar’s death was being shot by the police. Some people actually suspect that the man who was recorded as the seventh richest person in the world is iit’s dead bsuicide.

This allegation arose because until now it is unknown who the shooter was who managed to target the bullet at Pablo Escobar. Intelligence documents were not able to prove the executor.

There is only evidence of gunshot wounds on Pablo Escobar’s corpse. Shocking statement just come out from k childher baby Pablo Escobar named Sebastian Marroquin.

In a interview, Sebastián Marroquín said “I firmly believe that my father committed suicide to save the family from being held hostage by a rival group.”

Pablo Escobar Prison

Let alone to kill, to catch this one drug lord mastermind, the Colombian government had to fight hard. The man with the mustache who is well remembered by the residents of the City of Medellin is also the target of the United States.

In order to escape the threat of extradition to the United States, Escobar was forced to surrender to the Colombian government on June 19, 1991. However, from the prison he created himself, Escobar was still able to control the cocaine trading business.

The prison is named La Cathedral. From within the cell, Escobar was able to control 80 percent of the cocaine market in the United States. Because his brutality was getting unstoppable, Cesar Gaviria, the President of Colombia at that time ordered that Escobar be transferred to a public prison.

No kidding, in this transfer the government must exert as much 4000 soldiers. This attempt to remove Escobar also led to surprising resistance from the drug cartels.

So, Why Did Pablo Escobar Die?

President Cesar Gaviria handed over the task of transferring Pablo Escobar to his advisor named Eduardo Sandoval. His position as a negotiator who will bring Escobar to move is actually held by a member of the Escobar cartel.

This hostage making The The president was furious and ordered General Ariza’s troops to attack La Cathedral. Four helicopters, seven sniffer dogs and at least 250 elite troops were deployed. However, Pablo Escobar managed to escape through the secret tunnel under the prison La Cathedral.

From here then out orders that Escobar should be captured both alive and dead. The Colombian government no longer wants to pave the way for negotiations.

While on the run for 16 months, Escobar’s hideout was discovered by police in collaboration with Colombia’s elite forces and the US anti-narcotics agency. Escobar’s hiding place was still in the city of Medellin. The cause of Pablo Escobar’s death was later reported to be due to a shootout, not suicide.

Pablo Escobar’s corpse

Pablo Escobar’s body was found in his hiding place in the city of Medellin, Colombia. Not everyone believes the death of Pablo Escobar described by the Colombian police and government. Fact-finding efforts by Reuters by meeting eyes at the location where Pablo Escobar’s body was found.

“I was at work when I heard screaming from the street. I saw a fat, shirtless man walking on the roof of the opposite house. The man then jumped onto the roof of another house, then several gunshots were heard,” said the witness, whose name was withheld by Reuters.

Interview result Reuters with other eyewitnesses saying that Pablo Escobar’s body was seen lying face down on the roof of the house. His body was covered with gunshot wounds.

Thus, the cause Dead Pablo Escobar still leaves a myriad of questions. Did he really die because of shootout with the Colombian police and the United States Anti-Narcotics Agency? Or just as his own son suspected, Escobar died by committing suicide.

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