Paid Novel Writing Platforms & Benefits

Paid Novel Writing Platforms & Benefits

There are quite a number of paid novel writing platforms on the internet and they are constantly evolving at an incredible rate. This is because people’s reading habits have begun to shift to the digital realm which is more practical and environmentally friendly.

Besides being able to be used to find reading material for entertainment, this platform can also be used as a livelihood. With the ability to compose stories that are captivating, and able to attract viewers. So, we will get a fairly small income.

Novel Writing Platform Recommendations

Even though there are many paid novel writing platforms on the internet, you have to be smart about choosing the best one. Among them are the recommendations below which are already popular with many loyal users.

Dreame Novel Platform

The first recommendation is that the novel platform for writing stories that makes money is Dreame. For those of us who like to write and are looking for a platform that can be used as a source of income, then Dreame can be the best recommendation.

The advantage of this platform is that it can not only be used to read stories, but can also be used to write novels and get paid. If we don’t believe it or still have doubts, it’s best to immediately try to write a novel and publish it on this platform.

In addition to publishing our work on this platform so that it can be read by all users. There are also many advantages that we will try when we learn it well. Because for every work that he publishes, it can be a promising source of income.

This is because users of this paid novel writing platform are quite a lot. In addition, we can also have the opportunity to become a special editor, post paid in advance, and can also get more royalties.

How to join this platform is not difficult to try, we can follow the tutorial below well every step of the way. From registering, sign in until then create an account for beginners.

  • The first step, we can choose the registration method we want. As users of the Dreamy novel platform we can use Facebook, Google, and Email. When you have successfully created an account, continue by clicking the login button located in the header section.
  • Then we can fill in the registration process to completion, after that we will be directed to enter the application information, then press click Create and Create a New Story.
  • After that the user will be directed to a new tab and enter the Starywriting page. If we have entered the dashboard, then continue by clicking New Story+ to start writing stories on Dreamy.
  • But before writing, we have to wait to get the content guideline approval notification, then click OK. Users will immediately be directed directly to the writing page. Then fill in all data related to the story such as title, language, genre, target audience, time of day, and more.
  • After all the data has been filled in completely, then as a writer we just click “Save” and our writing is ready to be published.
  • The steps are not difficult because the appearance of this paid novel writing platform is easy to use and not confusing. So that everyone can try it easily.

Storial Novel Platform

This time, it is a novel writing platform that is no less popular than Dreame. With a very large number of users, this platform also has a fairly intuitive interface design and provides many categories or genres of writing to read or write.

What’s even more interesting is that this paid novel writing platform is also integrated with several book publishers. For example, Mizan Media Utama, AT Press Makassar, Elex Media Komputindo, and so on.

This platform is very popular because based on reviews from loyal Storial readers, the story font is very clear and doesn’t hurt the eyes. In addition, the Storial homepage also has features that make it easy for users to access it.

We can also try the story feature, popular books, stories from famous authors and so on. If we feel interested in this one platform, we can look at it by reading its advantages below:

Providing Royalty Program

This platform is very popular because it provides a royalty program, so that every writer who joins will get a lot of income. Authors can also market their writings freely to get the royalties.

In order to get this program, users of the Storial novel platform only have to register for the Storial Premium Chapters program. Next, the editor will determine the stories that deserve to be published, when we are lucky, we will get royalties whose nominal value is up to millions of rupiah.

A Wider Genre

For those of us who like the world of writing, such as writing articles, short stories, novels, biographies, and other works. We can freely publish works through Storial. However, to register on this platform is not easy, everything is chosen based on quality.

Actually there are many more paid novel writing platforms that we can try. However, usually will not haphazardly publish the author’s work. Average gives policy to all authors to provide original writing.