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Which prawn paliat favors would you deny?

On a long journey from Banjarmasin to Balikpapan, the Terios 7 Wonders team stopped at Tabalong Regency on the border of South Kalimantan to eat. Is a restaurant Hj. Mariam Jainudin, where we stored fat that afternoon.

Paliat, the specialty of Tabalong in South Kalimantan, may not be suitable for those with high cholesterol.

Paliat comes from the word coconut and clay. Which means thick coconut milk.

Paliat is made from fresh fish or shrimp mixed with thick coconut milk which contains relatively high fat and cholesterol. However, when cooking paliat, fish and shrimp have been processed using lime to reduce fat content. Then, the acid from the orange is again neutralized by the turmeric.

So, there’s one reason I can eat it without worrying. Even though those who are old, like uncle Barry and Cumi, have to take gout medication, it seems.

Paliat is also served with fresh vegetables, fried young jackfruit, and lime sauce that makes you sweat.

Time to eat!

I ordered the Paliat Udang Galah — prawns that were even bigger than my brother’s plate. The legs don’t fit in the plate.

The taste of the shrimp is very soft, savory, and feels like it is mixed with milk. Coupled with the thick coconut milk sauce that tempts like Pevita Pearce. I feel like adding more! (pret ah, you’ve added too)

One portion of giant prawns containing 2-3 shrimp (depending on size) is priced at 70 thousand rupiah, while catfish is much cheaper at around 20 thousand rupiah.

However, thanks to Daihatsu for the treat. I forgot how many giant prawns were lodged in my stomach.

Now, it’s just me who doesn’t dare to look at the scales.

Paliat served with spicy and sour chili sauce
Ma’am, how many shrimp do you add?
PALIAT. Don’t forget to come here when you’re in tabalong
Fried jackfruit for side dish paliat
If you like catfish
Or lazy squid? but it’s definitely not good to make paliat. Or whatever.
Go on. Watch out for sleepy after eating!

Thank You!

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