Paracetamol for Breastfeeding Mothers, Is It Harmful to Babies?

Jakarta – Paracetamol is the drug most people rely on, including breastfeeding mothers. When painkillers are needed, paracetamol for breastfeeding mothers is often a helper.

Yes, in general, paracetamol for breastfeeding mothers is considered safe to take as a painkiller while breastfeeding. Like ibuprofen, this drug is safe for consumption, yes, Mother.

You are also advised not to take aspirin or codeine while breastfeeding and you need to check with your doctor first if you are thinking about taking other painkillers besides paracetamol.

If you are taking paracetamol or ibuprofen, they will pass into your breast milk but in very small amounts. And, that both will also not harm the baby, as quoted from the page Madeformums.

Therefore, if you are taking any of these drugs including paracetamol for breastfeeding mothers, it is wise to take it for the shortest possible time and to be careful with the recommended dosage, as Dr Phillipa Kaye says.

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“With paracetamol or ibuprofen, you need to make sure you don’t take more than the recommended dose in a 24-hour period,” he said.

It should be noted, adds Dr Philippa, that some paracetamol tablets also contain caffeine to help relieve pain better. And, it’s best to avoid this one if you can.

If you drink coffee or tea, you have already given your baby a small amount of caffeine. This small amount won’t harm the baby but since the decaffeinated paracetamol will still work, it’s an easy way to avoid the extra amounts of caffeine getting into breast milk.

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Also check out the video about diarrhea drugs that are safe for breastfeeding mothers below:

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