Pay Attention to 3 Important Points Before Building an IoT Startup

Currently, many young people are competing to start a startup. It seems that the millennial generation really prefers to start a business, rather than having to go with people. We can see that currently in Indonesia, many startups have sprung up in various fields. One of them is a startup in the IoT world (Internet of Things).

If you want to jump into this field, you should pay attention to a few important things first. With so many startups and enterprises in this field, of course you need to make a difference to stand out from the crowd. Maybe most startups will usually focus on ideas, prototypes, to make proof-of-concepts for their products. When in fact there are other important things that need to be considered when you want to create an IoT startup. According to Sierra Wireless, a company that sells IoT, there are 3 important points for IoT startups to produce a successful product. What are those?

1. Security issues

Pay Attention to 3 Important Points Before Building an IoT Startup

The first thing that must be considered is of course a security issue. We know that today we are in a world full of threats on the internet. Of course, you can’t ignore confidential communications or data, then just assume that security is an additional feature. From now on you have to think that data security and safety are important things that must be prioritized as well. So you need to think about security issues as a whole, starting from network connections, devices, clouds, end-user applications, to enterprise systems too. As much as possible make sure that the security is in the product that you make. Of course users won’t care how great your solution is if it’s not secure enough. Remember, security is one of the keys you can get customer satisfaction.

2. Understanding time-to-market

Pay Attention to 3 Important Points Before Building an IoT Startup

Before you make an IoT startup, of course you must first know the new applications that already exist and are needed. For example, to connect data, the capabilities needed to manage product deployment, to the infrastructure that needs to be added. You also need to understand about adding wireless connectivity, building complex new applications, to integrating various systems. Usually this will last a long time, even years. The key, you need to do partner leverage IoT to handle connectivity and integration. Whereas you should focus more on building better applications or solutions.

3. Do scalability the good one

Pay Attention to 3 Important Points Before Building an IoT Startup

Of course you are tempted not to ignore this? You are definitely more interested in focusing on proof-of-concept on that design early stage. In fact, this is wrong. We can see that nowadays there are many companies that spend months just to make prototypes, when in fact this would be a waste of time. In the end they also had to repeat the design process from the beginning again so that they could reach a wider scale. You need to think about the problem scalability from the beginning to build this startup. Then you make decisions that can speed up the process from design, to prototyping, to deployment at scale. Remember, never just focus on the prototype. You must immediately market the product to your potential customers as soon as the product is ready. Of course later feedback from them will be needed for your consideration in the next step for the business of developing a better product.

Those were some important points in building an IoT startup that you need to know. Remember, do not get the wrong focus when starting a business. Good luck!

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