Pay Attention To The Price Of The Make Over Highlighter Before Buying It!

The price of the Make Over highlighter varies according to the type of product. Get it at an offline store or a trusted online store.

Highlighter is one of the make-up products needed to make facial skin look glowing. To be able to get highlighter products, you can use brand from Make Over. But, before buying it, it’s a good idea to pay attention to the price of the Make Over highlighter first.

Highlighters are now very popular for displaying makeup that is glowing but not greasy. This product helps you to make your face look healthy and look more natural. Some of these highlighter products from Make Over can help you to get dewy make-up look.


This product seems quite luxurious because there is a gold color accent on the product name. With a size of 13g, this product is durable enough to be used as a make-up complement, even though it must be used every day.

With the formula super reflective pigment, this Make Over highlighter is light when used. In addition, the formula also makes the product last longer and gives an effect glow natural ones.

The texture of this highlighter is so creamy, you will be very easy to apply to the face using a brush or fingers. You only need to apply it to the areas of the face that you want to highlight, such as the cheekbones and nosebone.

The color of this product is light beige with hint pink. This highlighter will blend into your facial skin and will not make the makeup underneath slide. Interestingly, this product goes into all types skintone. You don’t need to hesitate anymore when you buy it, because it won’t make the look of your make up look weird.

For those of you who want to buy this product, the price of the Make Over highlighter for this product is priced at 150 thousand rupiah. You can buy it at a cosmetic shop or online store trusted.

2. Make Over Ultra Glow Highlighter


This product is a highlighter palette that has 3 different colors. Of course this will help you to create make-up to make it look more attractive, but still natural.

The texture of this beauty product is a little powdery, even so you will easily blend it into the face. Besides, this product is also sufficient pigmented. So, you will easily blend it into your face using a brush or finger.

The durability of this product is also quite good. What’s more, you can use this product on a daily basis and can be creative with the colors in this highlighter palette.

This product can be purchased at a price of 189 thousand rupiah. Quite affordable isn’t it to be able to get 3 highlighter colors at once?

3. Make Over Super Professional Highlight & Contour Palette


For those of you who are learning make-up and want to have make-up products that instantly become one, this product from Make Over will help you. This product consists of a highlighter and contour palette containing 8 different colors. This product has range various colors and you can use coral color to be used as blush.

The texture of this product is quite powdery and easy to use. In addition, this product will not make the makeup underneath slide.

However, the size of this product is too big and not suitable for use when traveling. If you are interested in having this product, at least you have to spend 289 thousand rupiah to get this Make Over highlighter.

Knowing the price of the Make Over highlighter will help you find the highlighter that fits your makeup needs and budget. It’s actually a funny thing if you shop and then when you see the price you feel inferior, it’s a good idea to buy at a trusted store so you don’t get fake products.

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