Peek at Facebook’s New Data Center with OCP Technology

Giant Leader social media, Facebook has announced their plans to open a new Data Center named EU2. The new data center, which will be located in Clonee, Ireland, will be Facebook’s second data center in Europe, which previously had a data center in Luela, Sweden.

facebook data center
Illustration of Facebook’s EU2 data center (Credit: Greenpeace)

As Business Insider wrote, Monday (25/1/2016), “In total, Facebook currently has six data centers spread across the world. The biggest social media giant in the world does need adequate infrastructure capabilities to store thousands of uploaded photos and videos, as well as ‘likes’.”

Interestingly, Facebook’s new data center will make other companies nervous. How not, because Facebook network experts claim their new data center is 100% environmentally friendly because it uses wind power to supply energy for thousands of computers in the data center.

In addition, this is the first data center in the world to use Open Compute Project (OCP) technology. The Open Compute Project itself is an initiative from Facebook that started in 2011 to completely change the way servers and network devices work according to the age of the internet.

This plan made companies related to this field panic, such as Cisco. This is because OCP technology can provide a cheaper and more flexible alternative for their server technology needs. Meanwhile, other companies such as Microsoft have started implementing some OCP concepts into their products.


though Facebook is currently a customer of data center companies such as Cisco and Arista Networks to manage their server networks, with OCP technology it is not impossible that Facebook will release their dependence on these companies. In mid-2015, Facebook said that OCP technology had saved $2 billion in operating costs.