Pekalongan City Regional Emblem Design Competition

Ok, this time there is a Regional Logo Design Contest… from the Pekalongan City Government… For more details, see the poster….

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regional emblem design competition poster

Participant Terms

• This contest open for Indonesian Citizens and free of charge (FREE)
• Each participant may submit a proposal/work of a maximum of 2 proposed works.
• The Jury, the ULP Working Group and the Competition Team are prohibited from participating in the Regional Emblem Change Competition.
• Participants are prohibited from affiliated with the Steering Committee and the Jury, either personally or professionally.

Grand Winner Terms and Conditions

• Copyright belongs to the designer, but the creator is obliged to give the municipal government the right to reproduce in any form and in an unlimited number of media.
• All works resulting from the competition will become the property of the organizing committee, and will be widely documented and published
• Proposals/works submitted by finalists must be original and not plagiarized, either in whole or in part.
• The decision of the Jury is final and cannot be contested and no correspondence will be held regarding the announcement of the finalists of the competition.

Presentation format

1. The proposed work is presented in 2 A size papers 3. The first sheet contains an image of the proposed Pekalongan City logo and the second sheet contains an explanation of the design philosophy concept.
2. The two papers are pasted on top of impraboard/ foamcore/ 3 mm thick cardboard.
3. The maximum color used is 4 colors
4. The identity of the participant’s work is only in the form of a registration number on the right side of the work, participants are prohibited from writing down any identity (name, signature or any other identity) that can affect the jury’s assessment.
5. The proposed work is accompanied by:
a. Contest participation statement letter (attached format)
b. Statement of design originality. (attached format)
c. Statement letter of submission of the Reproduction Rights of the design to the Pekalongan City Government (attached format)
d. Proof of Online Registration from the Regional Emblem Change Competition Website (according to the attachment in the reply to the registration email)
e. Copy of participant’s identity in the form of KTP/SIM/Passport


a. Assessment requirements:
1) Participants submit works in accordance with the technical requirements for the entry of materials and the format of the presentation of the competition
2) Participants fulfill administrative requirements as completeness
3) Participants enter the work according to the specified time.

b. Participants declared disqualificationif:
1) Participants are affiliated with the Competition Jury, Jury Team and the ULP Contest Working Group, both personally and professionally.
2) Participants communicate in any form to the members of the Competition Jury, Jury Team and the ULP Contest Working Group during the competition period;
3) Participants disclose their identity in any form that will affect the jury’s assessment process.

4) Participants’ work documents have other signs outside the requirements;


Regional Emblem Change Jury Team





Mr. Taufiq Ismail

Literature class 66, Ever lived in Pekalongan City


Mr. Osama Said

Former Tempo Journalist, Mastering technical design and journalism


Mr. Irvan A Noeman

Design Expert

The duties of the Jury/Expert Team include:
(i) compiling the competition documents with the Competition Team and the Pekalongan City ULP Competition Working Group.
(ii) explain all the provisions of the Contest to participants,
(iii) judging the work “Contest on the Change of Regional Coat of Arms”
(iv) provide input to the ULP/Procurement Officer before determining the winner.

Competition Team

Pekalongan City Government Competition Team

The team will assist ULP since the initial preparation of the Competition,
– to formulate technical terms and criteria
– the evaluation mechanism up to the technical assessment stage of the contest participants
– administering the logo contest participants.

Pekalongan City ULP Competition Working Group

• Implement the process of selecting the winners of the Pekalongan City Logo Design Competition
• Report the results of the implementation of tasks to the Head of ULP Pekalongan City

The total award for the winners of the competition is Rp.34,000,000,- (Thirty Four Million Rupiah)with the details of each are:



Grand Winner

Cash of IDR 25,000,000 and Plaque *

Appreciation (3 participants)

Cash of IDR 3,000,000 and Plaque *

* Prizes in the form of cash will be tax deducted in accordance with tax provisions

I God willing, if it’s not too late, I want to join too… 😀
Great for sharpening creativity

Competition and Competition Info
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