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After playing in Petungkriyono in Pekalongan Regency and learning to make batik in Batang Regency, my friends and I went to Pekalongan City. The place where the train station will take me back to Jakarta.

But before that, I will visit several places before the Argo Bromo train arrives in Pekalongan at 12.40 noon. These places are Pekalongan Batik Museum, Oriental Lemonade, and Setono Batik Wholesale Market.

The first place in the morning I visited was: Pekalongan Batik Museum.

Pekalongan Batik Museum

The architecture of this museum building looks like a colonial relic. Before becoming a museum, this building was the office of the Pekalongan city hall. And before that also in the Dutch era, this building was the financial office of a sugar company that was founded in 1906.

This museum has more than 1200 batik collections from all over the archipelago. The batik collection is always updated to keep it fresh. The collections range from classic to contemporary batik, complete! In addition there is also a collection of tools for batik such as canting, dyes, and types of wax (wax) for batik ‘ink’.

There is a special room for Pekalongan batik and other special batik rooms in the archipelago. Each batik is given a detailed explanation of the background, motif, shape, pattern, and story behind the batik.

Batik collection

The museum, which is open from 8 am to 3 pm, is located on Jl. Jetayu no.1 Pekalongan is very affordable. For adults, a fee of Rp. 5000 only, while for children only Rp. 1000. The room in the museum is clean, not overcrowded, and equipped with air conditioning.

When I was there, there was a group of children who were learning to make batik. Yes, in this museum there is also a workshop for those of us who want to learn batik. There are two workshop rooms, the first is a written batik workshop. The second is the batik stamp workshop room. Because I had learned batik in the city of Batang the previous day, so I skipped to learn batik here.

Photo with children who are learning to make batik.

I really like this museum. Makes us learn to explore and preserve the heritage of this noble Indonesian masterpiece. Even researching and developing it. Or at least, become aware of the values ​​of life embedded behind a piece of batik cloth.

Jadoel Lemonade Drink

Not Orson, it’s Oriental Lemonade

Less than five minutes walk in the alley next to the museum, we found a Lemonade drink factory with the trademark ‘Oriental’ which has been around since 1910. It is located right across from Fort Pekalongan. This factory was victorious in 1970, before a soft drink company from America invaded Indonesia.

Oriental Lemonade

This lemonade is a fizzy soft drink. The difference is, Lemonade Oriental uses real sugar, not artificial sugar. Soda and sweet taste is also not too strong. So it’s more refreshing and quenches thirst, unlike today’s sodas which actually make you thirstier.

Lemonade Party!

The price of a bottle of drink is 7 thousand rupiah along with the bottle if you want to take it home. If you drink on the spot, it’s only 3 thousand rupiah. We tried almost all flavors such as strawberry, pineapple, melon, to the taste of coffee. The really old-school interior made us feel like priyayi enjoying a drink that commoners couldn’t afford, haha!

Setono Market

Before returning to Pekalongan station to catch the train to Jakarta, I stopped by the Setono Wholesale Market to buy some batik. The collection is complete, almost all types of clothing have a batik version. The price is cheap too. I’m sure if you are a fashion shopper, maybe you need all day shopping here!

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