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So how can you be a perpetual student? Is there anyone who wants to be a perpetual student? Perpetual student is a term for those who have not completed their studies. And past the proper semester, many people think that they are lazy people, because they don’t graduate right away. Even though behind the slow graduation, there are several reasons. Come on, just take a look at Mimin’s review below!

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Lecturers who complicate the process of completing the final project

Illustration of a lecturer who makes it difficult for students (Photo: Kompasiana)

The final project is a report that is a requirement for graduation, but usually in this process there are students who finish it first, some are on time, and some are too late. The process of completing the final project can also have an effect because it is the lecturer who complicates the process of completing the task.

Not all lecturers are good and accept what the students have struggled for, there are lecturers who usually make things difficult, which at first were right when they arrived at the end they blamed them. He gave many reasons, starting from not being appropriate, not like this should be and many more. This is what makes students dizzy, actually like what he asked for.

This is also one of the obstacles for students to graduate quickly, and finally get a degree first from their friends, namely eternal students.

Students Who Have No Interest and Talent in Writing

Writing illustration (Photo: WordPress)

Not all students have interest and talent in writing, this is also one of the causes of the thesis not being completed immediately. Because everyone’s abilities are different. But as long as there is effort and believe that you can graduate on time, you can do it.

You don’t have to listen to what people say, just focus and read a lot of book references, your writing skills will definitely be honed by itself. Don’t forget to be diligent in asking friends or seniors who have finished their thesis.

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Thesis Being Struggled For 7 Semesters Becomes in Vain

The illustration of the thesis is in vain (Photo: SmartIndonesia)

Thesis can be in vain if you don’t finish it quickly, because the thesis is quite time-consuming to do. After completing the collection, there is nothing more that can be done with the thesis. Just become an ornament.

Even though the struggle to solve it is not easy, they have to sacrifice many things, starting hanging out with friends, going on vacation, or watching their favorite movie. They had to leave all of them for a while, so that the thesis would be finished soon.

To reduce the number of perpetual student increases, it is necessary to eliminate the thesis or at least the thesis becomes an option. Students have the right to determine what kind of final project they will do according to their interests and talents. For example, students who like to socialize can serve and develop a village or students can work on other projects as final assignments. They can choose the thesis as a final project if the student really masters the field. So that the results of the final project will be much more leverage if it emphasizes interests and talents.

Perpetual Student and 3 Reasons Why Thesis Is Not Required

Buddy Zone, that was the cause of eternal students and 3 reasons why a thesis should not be required.

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