Persecution ends until KSP warns – Student Zone – A number of Papuan students held a demonstration some time ago. They held a demonstration against the expansion of Papua Province which took place around the Office of the Ministry of Home Affairs (Kemendagri), Central Jakarta.

The demonstration was marked by clashes between Papuan students and the police. This happened when a number of students forced their way into the Ministry of Home Affairs Office. Even though there have been negotiations between the two sides, the clashes that led to persecution are undeniable.

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Papuan Student Demo Chronology

Illustration of a demonstration by Papuan students (Photo: Kompas Megapolitan)

Launching Suara, the result of the clashes between students and police officers finally resulted in one of the police officers being injured. In the incident that occurred, Central Jakarta Metro Police Head of Intel AKBP Ferikson Tampubolon suffered a laceration to the head.

It is suspected that the police officer was injured when he was beaten by the crowd. Then, the police also secured at least 90 students. However, as many as 89 students have been sent home.

With this, the police have named one Papuan student as a suspect in the persecution of the Central Jakarta Metro Police Intelligence Cassette AKBP Ferikson Tampubolon. The student, named Alpius Wenda, has been detained at the Polda Metro Jaya detention center.

According to the Head of Public Relations of Polda Metro Jaya Kombes Pol. Endra Zulpan revealed that the student was ensnared in Article 351 of the Criminal Code Paragraph 2 with a maximum prison sentence of five years.

“It is true that the suspect has been detained,” he said (12/3).

Regarding this, the main expert from the Presidential Staff Office (KSP) Ade Irfan Pulungan regrets that the demonstration was accompanied by persecution. In fact, he categorizes the events that occur as thuggery.

“Regarding yesterday’s incident, we deeply regret the anarchist action that can be categorized as thuggery,” said Ade.

Ade also said that acts of persecution during demonstration activities violated the rules for conveying aspirations contained in Law Number 9 of 1998 concerning the freedom to express opinions in public.

“Please issue aspirations that have been regulated by law. Do not use any form of violence against anyone, especially against members who secure the action because it is protected by law,” he continued.

Revealing Papuan Student Demonstration: Persecution Ends Until KSP Warns

This is a review of the Papuan student demonstrations that took place some time ago and the clashes between the masses and the police.

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