Photo Gallery: Bugis and Kampong Glam Singapore

I’m currently staying in Singapore for a while. Due to covid-19 or also known as corona virus, I have not been able to return to China. While it’s Saturday and I have nothing to do, I decided to traveling to Bugis and Kampong Glam.

Shopping Center in Bugis . Area

The distance between these two places is quite close. You can take the MRT to Bugis station. What can you expect in Bugis? Maybe you already know, Bugis is indeed famous for its place shopping-his.

In the Bugis area there are three shopping centers, namely: Bugis Junction, Bugis +and Bugis Street. Usually when you want to go shopping souvenirs cheap definitely go to Bugis Street. More or less the appearance of Bugis Street like this.

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shopping at bugis street singapore

Bugis Junction and Bugis + are more similar shopping mall normal. It is located just across and there is a connecting bridge. Bugis + is the most luxurious of the three. If you want to go shopping brand like UNIQLO, Pull & Bear can here.

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Bugis plus Singapore
Outwardly Bugis +
Bugis + Singapore
Forms in Buginese +

The last one is Bugis Junction. Actually the shape of the mall in my opinion is a bit confusing. If you enter on the ground floor, you can see that the center is wide and the roof of the mall is high open space so. I guess not much shop inside, but it turns out that if you go up to the second or third floor there are quite a lot of clothes shops.

At Bugis Junction there are many places to eat, especially places to eat Japanese and Korean. On the third floor there is such a thing Food Junction. More or less like food courtso a lot of food choices, the place is clean, and the price is quite cheap compared to restaurants around 4 to 6 dollars.

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Bugis Junction Singapore
Bugis Junction entrance
Bugis Junction
Inside Bugis Junction

Kampong Glam, the Best Photo Spot in Singapore

From the Bugis area, just walk for about 10 minutes, until you reach Kampong Glam. I personally like Kampong Glam. The area is very artsy, lots of cute mural paintings on the walls, restaurants and cafe lined up.

The Kampong Glam area itself is divided into several small streets such as Arab Street and Haji Lane. As the name implies Arab Street, there are many restaurants selling Middle Eastern specialties. Lots of shops too souvenirs who sells carpets or lamps from Arabic maybe yes.

If in Haji Lane there are more restaurants and bars. It’s fun when you come at night, the atmosphere is more lively and sometimes there live music also. There is also an Indonesian restaurant in the Kampong Glam area, so if you miss Indonesian cuisine, don’t worry.

Oh yes, in Singapore it turns out that there is also an island that you can visit, also called Pulau Ubin.

mural in glam village
Murals in Glam Village
photo of bar at haji lane
One of the bars in Haji Lane
cool mural haji lane
The mural is cool, isn’t it?
Bugis and glam village photos
Bars line up

Don’t forget to also visit Sultan Mosque also. It must be seen from afar because the mosque is really big. The building is magnificent with a golden yellow dome.

After sightseeing around Bugis and Kampung Glam, you can walk to the Merlion area, Marina Bay Sands, and visit Gardens by the Bay as well.

Bugis and glam village photos of the sultan's mosque
Singapore Sultan Mosque
arab street kampong glam
Arab Street atmosphere

Well, a trip to Singapore won’t be complete if you don’t visit a tourist attraction Bugis and Kampong Glam. I suggest coming in the afternoon or evening is more exciting!

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