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Photographer. Come to think of it, we’re a bit weird, aren’t we?

We can’t stop. We run while others walk. We work while others are relaxing. We don’t know what weekends are, holidays, we don’t even know the time, unless it’s related to sunrise or sunset.

When there’s a football game on TV, we don’t see the game. We look to the sidelines and watch our friends take pictures and count how many long lenses are white or black.

We walk like confused people, looking at strange things, wandering among the activities of people, hoping to be accepted by them, disappearing slowly, then anticipating the nearly impossible.

Most people think we are weirdos and tell their kids to stay away from us.

Our heads move with the eyes in the viewfinder, push buttons on those damn expensive cameras, watch weird people, ask weird questions, and wait for the light.

What a strange thing to wait. We also have eyes that are difficult to control, are never satisfied, never rest, always look around and never even die. Eyes that are often framed by a 35mm lens, an eye that converges with a 24-70, or a 200-400, depending on what they encounter.


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