Photographs taken from a trip to Myanmar

Previously, I had often heard many other travelers who always said that Myanmar was fun to explore. Many say that it is better to go to Myanmar quickly before it turns into a modern one or is crowded with tourists.

You could say Myanmar is a country that has just opened up to foreign tourists. So many are curious and want to visit this country. Luckily I’ve traveled here so I can share photos traveling to Myanmar.

Public transportation to Golden Rock Myanmar

This photo was taken in public transportation when I was on my way to Golden Rock in Kyaikto. I was so full that I had to sit next to the other passengers. The road is narrow and uneven. Strangely I feel happy like a child on an amusement ride.

morning mood chart

This is the atmosphere of the morning in Chart. Horse-drawn carriages, motorbikes and pedestrians make their way through the streets to start a new day.

photo of a trip to myanmar

A group of aspiring monks walking back to the monastery after receiving food from the morning alms. Each family expects their son to enter the monastery and learn about Buddhism.

When they grow up, they can choose to continue as monks or return to being ordinary people.

myanmar travel photo

When you’re in a rush to drive e-bike to the temple to catch the sunset, uh suddenly a herd of buffalo slowed me down. Wow, Bagan can get jammed too, right?

The three herders were also unable to guide the buffaloes. They shouted, chasing the buffalo into the bushes. I did not help even the photos.

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travel photo in mandalay

While walking in Mandalay, I happened to come across a street where there were a lot of people selling statues. This little brother works on Buddha statues like a professional despite his very young age. His whole body was covered in white powder.

myanmar inle lake fisherman photo

In a famous lake in Myanmar named Inle Lake It is famous for its unique fishing technique. They use their feet to paddle boats and throw nets to catch fish. I do not expect can see this.

At certain times there are performances for tourists so I thought I should join in show just can’t see. It turns out that they still use this fishing tradition or technique in their daily lives.

myanmar local child

In Myanmar I did a three-night trekking from Kalaw to Inle Lake. I got the opportunity to live in a local village home in the hinterland. While waiting for dinner, I took the time to take a walk.

I met a little boy, his name was Pa-Oh. He was running around the front yard of the house. The headband is cute. At first he was shy but finally smiled at me too.

photo of a trip to myanmar

This photo is my favorite photo. The scenery is very different and if you take a closer look at this photo, the farmer is holding his son. From a distance I heard their laughter. They sounded very happy. Life is beautiful indeed.

souvenirs in myanmar

This hanging doll caught my attention. I think it’s very creative to hang this doll on a tree branch. When the wind blows, the doll moves so that it looks more attractive, especially with this kind of sunlight.

sunset photo at U Bein Bridge

I’ve never seen a sunrise or sunset that isn’t pretty in Myanmar, not even once. The sun is always full and red.

It looks a bit foggy here. I also wonder why at sunset there is fog. Turns out it’s not fog but sand and dust, hehe. This photo was taken from U Bein Jembatan Bridge in Mandalay.

take pictures with myanmar

Selfie with cute girls! Unfortunately I’m not wearing thanaka as seen on their faces. Try it if you use it, it will be mistaken for Myanmar people too. Isn’t that right?

So many photos of my trip to Myanmar. Have you been to Myanmar before? Please share the photos too

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