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I am a fashion blind person. Therefore, during today’s fashion photography workshop, I was quite impressed.

Yes, today photoST and I were invited by the German literary photography UKM UNPAD Der Blitz to a free fashion photography workshop, yes FREE! I mean, how’d the heck they do it!? When I saw the sponsor, Nikon School of Photography, I immediately smirked.

Anyway, the workshop was delivered by a beautiful photographer, but Nurulita Rahayu. I think he’s the model *pats forehead*

I admit, Teh Nurul is indeed a talented photographer. The portfolio is extraordinary, the clients are also not arbitrary such as A mild, biore, bread talk, BMW, BNI and many more.

For the workshop itself, I focus more on the technical lighting. Because when teh nurul talks about fashion, I never get bored hahaha.

What I’m surprised about is that nurul is a chemical engineering graduate from ITB. When asked why he wanted to be a photographer he said,

‘My passion is photography, I never imagined that I would work in a field other than photography, if you have a passion for something, pursue it!’

There we go.

I feel insinuated that I am often lazy.

Then after tea, Nurul shared about her experiences and portfolio, we were asked to try taking pictures. Well, it’s not fashion yet, just a normal portrait because we’re still learning about lighting.

The result of the photo? I only took a few photos, the first photo using a softbox and the second photo using continuous light.

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