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How lucky I am. While traveling to Europe some time ago, I had the chance to visit the city of Antwerp while there was a tulip picking event!

In this event, we can pick 10 tulips and bring them home. FREE! How come?

So, this tulip picking event commemorates the day when the first tulip seeds came from Turkey to Western Europe. More precisely through the port of Antwerp.

So it is true that the Netherlands is more famous for its tulips. But these tulips were originally originally in Belgium! Just like french fries. This food was originally from Belgium, not from France!

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The location of this event is Berendrecht Village, north of Antwerp. About 20 minutes drive by car. Luckily again, I was accompanied by my friend, Kak Fabi, a travel blogger who actually lives in Antwerp.

When night arrived in Antwerp, Mas Bolang suddenly remembered Sis Fabi. We also contacted him and coincidentally he really wanted to go to this tulip picking event the next day.

Sis Fabi and her husband are certainly happy to take us because the number of tulips they can bring has increased by 20 haha! Yes, how can we bring the tulips to Indonesia, right? It can be a hassle.

Oh yes, this event is held every two years. I was here in April 2017. So if you want to come here make sure the time is right.

To see the fun, take a peek at my vlog about Antwerp below! Don’t forget to like and subscribe!

More photos from Antwerp :

Merry Christmas, happy new year and of course happy holidays!

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