Pity! Many children in Mexico are addicted to methamphetamine, some are as young as 6 years old


Drug addiction is not a common case among children. Sadly, this has happened to some Mexican children. From an early age, they have used this illicit item and become addicted, Mother. How could that be?

Mexican children, reported Vice News In this case, consuming methamphetamine or in Indonesia known as shabu-shabu. Over the past decade, this methamphetamine has spread throughout Mexico.

According to Mexican health officials and the owner of a private rehab there, growth in meth use among minors has spiked in recent years. About ten years ago, only about 5 percent sought rehabilitation for methamphetamine addiction. Now, up more than 30 percent in 2020, Mother.

How can children use drugs and who are the dealers? It is common knowledge in Mexico that there are gangs or cartels that produce this methamphetamine. An example is the western state of Jalisco.

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In the state children, teenagers have been ravaged by meth addiction. The state is also home to the Jalisco New Generation Cartel gang, one of the main producers and drivers of the methamphetamine (shabu) market there.

Dr. Norma Leticia Corona, director of the juvenile rehabilitation center, revealed that currently the use of methamphetamine is still increasing. She herself worked at the rehabilitation center in 2001 and helped transition to a special children’s facility in 2006.

Previously, according to Norma, children came with problems with alcohol and marijuana, not methamphetamine. “Currently, most of the children who enter the center come because (addicted to) shabu,” he said.

Surprisingly, Norma found that the youngest age of these addicted children was 6 years old. Read the sequel on the following page.

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