Placing Ads on WordPress? Use These Free Plugins

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August 21, 2017

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Advertising is known as a way to turn a website into a money machine. In fact, many customers contact us to simply ask, how to place ads on WordPress? Of course, the reason is that they can make a lot of money from there.

Compared to other platforms, placing ads on WordPress is fairly easy. In WordPress, there are various types of plugins for placing ads that you can use. Some of them are specifically aimed at increasing your ad revenue.

Try to pay attention, usually large websites with lots of visitors advertise as a source of income. The most commonly used model is with Google AdSense. In addition, many also rely on affiliate advertising or simply displaying the products they offer.

The position of the ad in the post is very crucial. Why advertise in a position that is rarely touched? Ideally, the ad position needs to be adjusted to the behavior of your own website visitors – whether it’s at the top, middle, or the end of the post. If your website uses WordPress, this setting is not a problem. you just enough

style="color: #3366ff;">install plugin to place an ad.

Below we have a list of plugins to place ads on WordPress to increase your website revenue.

Here is a free plugin to place ads on WordPress…

id="1_Ad_Inserter">1. Ad Inserter

plugin to put ads on wordpress

The first plugin in this review is Ad inserter. If you have a need to place multiple ad units in a specific position, Ad Inserter is the right plugin. Ad Inserter supports ad code in the form of HTML as well as Javascript and PHP, so it supports various types of ads such as Adsense and affiliates.


there is a paid version available, the features in the free version are maximum enough to display ads such as AdSense. For the free version, you can install up to 16 code slots.

You can choose its own position, be it before the content, after the content, or put it in a ‘block’ of a certain percentage of your content. There is also the option of showing ads only on certain pages or posts, and many other features.

2. AdRotate

adrotate banner manager

style="color: #3366ff;">AdRotate you can use to place various types of ads such as AdSense, affiliate, Chitika, and others. Apart from that, you can also generate reports to see the impressions and clicks on your ads.

You can also define a schedule, for example an ad plugin will appear after a certain impression or click. If the ad expires within the specified active period, you can set up notifications via email or your mobile device. Another feature that is no less interesting is that AdRotate can display ads based on certain locations.

You can see the performance of all ads, for example CTR, daily and monthly statistics and can be exported into a CSV file. In fact, this plugin can detect the use of ad blockers. If a visitor is detected using an ad blocker, an automatic notification will appear immediately asking the visitor to disable the ad blocker first.

3. WP-Insert

wp insert

Plugins WP-Insert is a plugin for placing ads that allows you to manage ads and perform optimization like Google Adsense. This plugin not only has the function to place advertisements, but can also set tracking code such as Google Analytics.


supports various ad networks such as Adsense, Chitika AdBrite and others. You can use 20 widgets to place ads. Each widget you can set for scheduling.

You can place ads at the top, bottom, right and left side of the content. Equipped with an algorithm that can place your ad in the middle of the content. In addition, there are many other interesting functions, such as the A/B testing facility to monitor the position of the ad with the best performance.


The three plugins above can be used as a mainstay in placing ads on WordPress. The settings are guaranteed to be easy and you can adjust them according to your needs along with any position you want. Each of the plugins we reviewed has its own uses. To place an ad in a specific position, for example in a particular position or article, you can try Ad Inserter.

Then, if you need settings to display for a certain period of time, you can use AdRotate. You can also experiment with the WP-Insert plugin to test the best performing ad placements.

If you have any other plugin references to place ads on WordPress, feel free to share them in the comments column. Please Subscribe in the column provided to get the latest articles directly in your email inbox.

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