Play Line Brown Farm with 7 Easy Steps

Hello, everyone!
How are you today?
Still, play a game or already lie down on the bed?
Good thing, I want to tell you a story about this game.
I’m addicted to a game. All type of game. Ah yeah, I know all of you already know about this one. 
I’m falling in love with “farm game”. You know this one right, my first “farming-game” is Harvest Moon.
Well, this day I want to review another Line game. Let’s see what I get from this game.


to farming simulation, again. Good for you, Do you still like to dream about having a farm? Let me give you another game about that. Line Brown Farm, yes! You know Brown right? Brown
is a character from Line. I think Brown is a bear. And when you see him, he always with Cony. A lovely couple I guess.

In this game, you’ll be Brown. He’s having a bit of trouble getting started, so the rest of the Brown clan have come to help him out. You’ll get help from another Brown. Full of brown in this game. And the one who helps you first is “Uncle Brown”. This game really funny!

Let’s see how to play Line Brown Farm in 7 Easy Steps,

  1. Connection. Yes! You should have an internet connection and of course, your smartphone RAM should not less than 1GB.
  2. Be Helper. You can help out Moon, Cony, and other members of the LINE character who come to your farm, You’ll meet “The Little Browns” that live on the farm and he will help you out with all kinds of farming jobs (good for help you leveling and get coins)
  3. Build Facilities. Use coins to build new facilities and to make your farm look awesome. You can have chicken, cow and much more.
  4. Visit your friend. You can visit your friends home. Invite them with Line or just add them from another world.
  5. Leveling Up. Plant – deliver – help and you’ll be leveling up.
  6. Complete task. When you already complete some quest or task. You can spin the wheel and get some item. 
  7. Sell your item or product. You’ll help another friend or people who need it.

That’s the easy steps to play this game for the first time. Actually, I’m in love with this type of game. You still not get enough of my review? Let’s check my gameplay below.

Download this game in here.
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