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GH800 telephoto

Have you ever suddenly wanted to take a picture of something in the distance, but the camera zoom didn’t reach? I did, and never again with this camera.

The most important feature of the BenQ GH800 is its zoom power which reaches 36x. Yes, from 22.5 mm wide angle to 810 mm narrow angle.

With this capability, we can take wide landscape photos, as well as photos of animals that are tens of meters away. Really great.

However, in any camera, with this kind of zoom capability there must be trade off that we get. BenQ’s diaphragm starts at f/3.4 at 22.5mm, and f/5.7 at 810mm.

This makes photographing in low light quite difficult and it is better to use a tripod. After all, everyone with a long lens must use a tripod, as we can see in photographers on the sidelines of a football field.

Here’s a comparison of the focal lengths of the benQ Gh800.

From the wide (22.5 mm) position
Up to telephoto (810 mm)
From a wide position like this
to an intermediate position like this
Until the most ‘stuck’ zoom

Tips : As a reference so that the photo is not blurry, if we are at a position of 22.5 mm, the minimum shutter speed is 1/focal length. Or 1/22.5 mm (1/30 is closest). If the position is 810 mm, then the minimum speed is 1/810 (1/1000 is safer). BenQ GH800 can reach speeds of 1/2000 fyi.

The BenQ GH800 lens at wide is really sharp with good contrast. The more you zoom in, the sharpness and contrast will decrease. If you don’t really need to, there’s no need to zoom up to 810 mm.

With a telephoto lens, we can also take photos of birds in the distance like this.

Bird on the tree | BenQ GH800 @810 mm
A photo of a poor crow, its right wing caught in a kite string above a tree. The tree is very tall and frail, so it is impossible to climb. So I can’t help it 🙁
this is the location of the bird, the black thing in the middle above is the crow that got stuck

With a zoom range like this, our creativity will be limitless. You can photograph practically anything with these superzoom lens.

From here
Until here

Candid photos are no problem with the GH800. A long zoom will make it easier for us to take other people’s expressions from a distance.

candid, eh, which one is candid?
I forgot to zoom in :))

Happy zoom-in with BenQ Gh800!


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