PLN Innovations the First Digital Substation in Indonesia

PLN Innovations the First Digital Substation in Indonesia

PT PLN (Persero) is digitizing at the Sepatan II Substation. In addition to digitizing, PLN also provides voltage or energize.

General Manager of PLN UIP JBB, Octavianus Padudung explained that the GID 150 kV Sepatan II project is a substation with the most advanced technology and the first in Indonesia. He added, GID is an innovation from PLN as a company that continues to grow and develop, as well as concrete evidence that PLN is implementing and improving new technology in the country’s electricity system.

“The construction of the 150 kV Sepatan II GID applies full digital technology to conventional substations, with the use of Fiber Optic, many advantages are obtained including safer, less potential for interference, easier operational monitoring, faster and more precise identification of disturbances and the development process becomes easier. faster,” said Padudung as quoted by SHIFT from

Not only that, the use of Fiber Optic technology in GID has other advantages such as the reduction of copper cables by up to 80% which has positive implications for the reduction of heavy materials used so as to minimize the material transported and have an impact on reducing CO2 emissions during the transportation process.

Through energize This second stage also marks the completion of the construction of the GID 150 kV Sepatan II. Practically the total capacity of this substation becomes 2×60 MVA with the operation of the two transformers, serving consumers by supplying electricity sourced from the Lontar PLTU and then channeled through the 150 kV Sepatan-Sepatan II SUTT.

“We hope that from the operation of the first Full Digital Substation in Indonesia, the reliability of electrical energy supply in Banten Province, especially in industrial areas, will increase. The growth of new industries and can create new jobs, as well as being an opening door to new technology for a better Indonesian electricity system, “he concluded

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