Police Reveal Marijuana Circulation Through Expeditionary Services in Purwakarta, 6 People Arrested

PURWAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – The Narcotics Investigation Unit (Satnarkoba) of the Purwakarta Resort Police (Polres) revealed the circulation of marijuana through expedition services.

Deputy Head of the Purwakarta Police, Kompol Firman Taufik, revealed that his party secured evidence of marijuana weighing 2.5 kilograms from the mode of delivery using a delivery service.

“The method is that the marijuana is sent through a freight forwarder. From the information in the package, the dried marijuana was sent from outside Java,” said Firman in his statement, Wednesday (30/3/2022).

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Firman said the marijuana had not yet reached the recipient because the illegal goods were first secured by members.

Meanwhile, during March 2022, Firman said, his staff had arrested six narcotics abusers.

They are HH (18) a resident of Sukatani District, YS (29) a resident of Sukatani District, RN (32) a resident of Nagri Tengah Village, Purwakarta District, WA (31) a resident of Rancasari Subang Village, IGR (33) a resident of Cipaisan Village, Purwakarta District, and MR (25) is a resident of Jatisari District, Karawang.


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“Four of them are odd jobs,” he said.

In addition to marijuana ready for distribution, the police also seized 215.23 grams of crystal methamphetamine and six mobile phones.

The prohibited goods are planned to be sold to the public, especially in urban areas.

For their actions, they are now named suspects and charged with the Narcotics Law.

“They are threatened with five to 20 years in prison. We are committed to eradicating narcotics. Including hunting down the suppliers or the big dealers,” said Firman.


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