15+ Positive and Negative Impacts of Smartphones You Need to Know

Positive and Negative Impacts of Smartphones
Positive and Negative Impacts of Smartphones

Positive and Negative Impacts of Smartphones You Need to Know – You need to understand the positive and negative impacts of cellphones as a user of this one gadget. Mobile phones or smartphones have become a primary need for people in this digital era.

Not only as a medium of communication with family and fun with friends, cellphones are also needed to support the mobility of your work. Without a cellphone, it will be difficult for you to carry out your daily routine.

At first, the cellphone itself was created as a portable communication tool to increase people’s mobility towards the modern era.

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Positive and Negative Impacts of Cellphones/Smartphones

At the beginning of its appearance, mobile phones were luxury items that were not owned by everyone. However, nowadays even small children already have cellphones or smartphones with various features. Here are the positive and negative impacts of cellphones that you need to understand.

A. Positive Impact of Cellphones

1. As a Broader Communication Media

Positive Impact of Mobile as a Communication Media

All mobile phones or smartphones today are certainly equipped with internet access features. To get internet access, your cellphone must be connected to a Wi-Fi network or internet quota purchased with credit. Internet access on your cellphone makes it easier for you to communicate with anyone quickly.

Maintaining relationships with distant relatives and friends from school days has become easier. Not a few people find their parents, relatives, and old friends through internet access on their cellphones.

2. As a Media for Unlimited Information Access

positive and negative effects of cellphones

Having a cellphone with internet access allows you to have access to unlimited information. When you are lost on the road, all you have to do is open your cellphone and access the Google Map. Looking for work doesn’t even need to be around the city in the heat all day, now everyone can find a job and apply via their smartphone.

There is much more information that you can access quickly using your cellphone. Starting from information about education, lifestyle, certain products, and various ways or tutorials on doing many things.

3. Make Everything More Practical and Fast

The Positive Impact of Mobile Phones Makes Everything Practical

The existence of mobile phones or smartphones produces various other inventions that make human life easier. Smartphones have various applications that can be downloaded for free through the Playstore and similar applications.

Now, everyone can search for a vehicle easily and quickly through various online applications. Ordering food and sending goods can also be done easily while relaxing at home.

4. Facilitate Business Promotion and Marketing

Facilitate Business Promotion and Marketing

One of the big parties who feel the positive impact of mobile phones is the business owner. From macro to micro business entrepreneurs, all can take advantage of the existence of mobile phones as a more practical and faster promotional and marketing medium.

Many small home-based businesses take advantage of the internet by opening online-based stores. Promotions are usually distributed through social media which can be accessed by anyone via their respective mobile phones.

5. Summarizes Many Features That Make Life Practical

Mobile or smartphone has a large enough capacity with various features. Modern life leads to a more minimalist lifestyle. Your life starts to feel more practical and efficient by having all your needs at hand.

Starting from the clock, calendar, camera, and various applications that support your routine, everything is included in the cellphone. Electronic money has also begun to be widely used by modern society. Imagine a future where you can leave the house with just your cellphone.

B. Negative Impact of Cellphones

1. Make People Dependent and Unfocused

The negative impact of cellphones makes you dependent and unfocused

Mobile is a portable gadget that you can take anywhere. This makes you have internet access at all times. Today, many people are addicted to their cellphones.

When someone is addicted to cellphones, they will find it difficult to focus on doing routines. Starting from not focusing on talking to the person in front of them, to not focusing on getting work done because they always have a tendency to check their cellphones.

2. Make People More Consumptive

Making People More Consumptive

You don’t have to leave the house and go to a shopping center, now you can also buy things online. The online store and e-commerce business is a business that continues to grow rapidly every year.

The tendency to always open their cellphones and see promos and information about the latest items, makes people have faster access to buy these items. Not only goods, food can now also be ordered via cellphone while relaxing at home.

3. Potential for Criminal Action

Potential Criminal Action

Mobile phones can also be a source of criminal acts. There are not a few cases of people being deceived and losing their money via calls from strangers.

Fraud usually uses the mode of information about the closest person who is in trouble at the police station. There are also those who claim that the recipient of the call got a prize and had to send some money as the winner’s tax. Therefore, you must be more sensitive when receiving calls from foreign numbers.

4. Affects Body Health

The Negative Impact of Cell Phones on Health

Dependence on cellphones can also have a negative impact on your body. Starting from your eyesight to your wrists that tire more easily. You should also stop the habit of putting your cellphone near your head while sleeping or using earbuds until you fall asleep. This can cause brain damage if done continuously.

5. Make People Become Apathy with the Surroundings

Making People Become Apathy with the Surroundings

Mobile phones always save anyone from awkward situations. However, mobile phones also have a negative impact, namely making people apathetic to their surroundings. For example, when you are hanging out with relatives and family, you may be more cool talking to friends via cellphone than spending time with your family.

Those were the various positive and negative impacts of cellphones that you need to understand. Make sure you use your cellphone wisely.

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