Post Code on Twitter

twitterPost Code on Twitter. Sunday full of enthusiasm, After yesterday’s Post about Tricks to increase Followers, now I will reveal the Post code on Twitter. This code is very useful for Twitter, just watch the article directly.

Post Code on Twitter

1. HarsTag (#) is a Tag/Keyword in Twitter, Tweeple can use this in every post. The purpose of using HarsTag is to make it easier for other Tweeple to find our Twitter. Add Popular Keywords or easy to know people, to make our twitter more popular. Usually tweeple usually put this after the link.

Example : Danamon Award Quiz on Twitter #kuis #kontes.
2. (@) This is the Reply symbol, which is placed in front of another tweeple username. The symbol is intended for us to respond to other people. Not only 1 person replay, but several people, but still with a limit of only 140 characters.

Example : @rahman @fathkhurrahman @joni @Dudu Don’t forget to click.
3. (RT) or Retweet, which means repeating another post. Similarly, Reply we must put this symbol in front of the username.

Example : RT@Fathkhurrahman on rahmancyber will be launching.
4. (Reading@) which symbolizes Reading. That means we read other people’s blogs or websites. Don’t forget to give a link to the website you are reading.


: Reading@Aziz Read
5. (OH) Symbolizes OverHeard , which is because Tweeple wants to keep the source secret. The author reminds that something that smells of slander should not be written, because it can be sued in court.

Example : OH someone said the minister of corruption.
6. (D) Sending Messages to Other Tweeple. The message is sent directly to the Tweeple we are aiming for, while the other Tweeple don’t know it.


: D, did you go to Solo in Bali?

and maybe there will be other new symbols on twitter because twitter will always be updated. In other words Dynamic.

Ok that’s all for today’s post
Hope it is useful!

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