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“Where are you now?” my mother asked on the phone.

“Bajawa,” I replied.

“Oh, he said to Lombok, why did you go to Papua instead?” he asked in surprise.


My mother did not know Bajawa as a city in Indonesia. How about you?

Here are a few portraits of (small) towns on one of the most beautiful islands in East Nusa Tenggara. Enjoy!

Labuan Bajo. The main port of Flores. The main gateway to Komodo island.
The other side of pumpkin bajo
Brothers and sisters fishing
A small town above the clouds, Ruteng. Full of old churches.
Ruteng’s smile
Bajawa, the coldest city in Flores (in my opinion). The place is a lot of traditional Manggarai villages. Bena Village is the most famous.
Bena Village in Bajawa
An old man from Ben
Ende, the port city where our first President was exiled and made Pancasila.
Moni Village, where the Kelimutu Three Color Lake is located.

There are still several cities that I haven’t visited, such as Maumere, Larantuka, and Riung. Save it for next time!

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