PPKM Jabodetabek Increases Level 3, What Are the Latest PTM Provisions?


The increase in cases of COVID-19 transmission in the country has caused various parties to be confused. This finally forced the government to announce the status of the Jabodetabek PPKM to level 3. In addition, the Special Regions of Yogyakarta and Bali were also applied to the same level.

Luhut Binsar Panjaitan as the PPKM Coordinator for Java-Bali has conveyed information about the increase in the PPKM level at a press conference on Monday (7/2/2022).

Luhut said that the increase in Jabodetabek PPKM was due to the low tracing COVID-19. “Based on the current level of assessment, we convey that the agglomeration of Jabodetabek, DIY, Bali, Greater Bandung will go to level 3. This is not due to the high number of cases. I repeat not because of the high number of cases but because of the low number of cases. tracing,” said Luhut, quoted from detik.com.

“Bali has also risen to level 3, one of which is due to increased hospitalization,” he continued.

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With the status of Yogyakarta, Bali and Jabodetabek PPKM level 3, how are the PTM rules applied?

In response to this issue, the Minister of Education and Technology, Nadiem Makarim, made a decision by issuing Circular Letter Number 2 of 2022 concerning Discretion for the Implementation of Joint Decrees of 4 Ministers concerning Guidelines for Implementation of Learning in the Time of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

One of the points in the SE mentions that the implementation of Limited PTM in educational units located in regions with PPKM level I (one), level 3 (three), and level 4 (four) still follows the provisions in the Joint Decree of 4 (four) Ministers.

The following is the guideline for the 4 Ministerial Decree issued at the end of December 2021.

PTM in PPKM Area Level 3

1. Regional PTM PPKM Level 3 with the following criteria:

  • Vaccination dose of 2 PTK (educators and education personnel) is equal to 40 percent
  • Vaccination of 2 elderly people at the district/big city level is the same as 10 percent


  • PTM capacity 50 percent
  • Frequency full school day
  • Maximum lesson duration or hours is 4 hours

2. Regional PTM PPKM Level 3 with the following criteria:

  • Vaccination dose of 2 PTK (educators and education personnel) is less than 40 percent
  • Vaccination dose of 2 elderly at the district/city level is less than 10 percent

So, PTM becomes a full Distance Learning (PJJ).

Previously, Kemendikbudristek announced that regions with PPKM level 2 could implement 50 percent PTM in the Circular Letter (SE) of the Minister of Education and Technology Number 2/2022. Parents can also choose to allow their children to participate in PTM or distance learning (PJJ).

The Secretary General of the Ministry of Education and Culture, Suharti, emphasized that the PPKM level 2 area could still continue the PTM 100 percent. He said that the limited PTM according to the 4 Ministerial Decree could continue if the transmission of COVID-19 in the area was controlled.

“For PPKM level 2 areas that are ready to implement Limited PTM according to the SKB of four ministers and the spread of COVID-19 is under control, schools in these areas can still carry out Limited PTM with 100 percent student capacity,” said Suharti in a press release received media crew.

One area that applies the 50 percent PTM is DKI Jakarta. The 50 percent PTM in Jakarta has been implemented since Friday (04/02/2022) with a duration of 4 hours of study per day.

“The limited PTM in DKI Jakarta can be implemented with 50 percent of students from the classroom capacity with a maximum study duration of 4 hours of lessons per day,” said Head of the DKI Jakarta Education Office, Nahdiana.


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